The Power of Running Multiple LinkedIn Products

How 4C Insights saw a 78% improvement in CPM with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates & Text Ads

August 3, 2015

Multiple LinkedIn Products

At LinkedIn, we focus on providing marketing solutions that help clients meet their objectives at every stage of the funnel. Since success can be achieved in multiple ways, evaluating performance across products and across the entire marketing funnel is an important factor when determining ROI.

We recently rebranded our partner program as Ads Partners (it used to be Sponsored Updates Partners) to reflect the availability of both Sponsored Updates and Text Ads products with the  program. To explore the benefits of running multiple products, our Certified Ads Partner, 4C Insights, worked with us to examine the lift of leveraging Sponsored Updates and Text Ads simultaneously.

We hypothesized the blended eCPC and eCTR of both products would lead to better efficiency for advertisers using direct response campaigns. These two products offer competitive auction-based CPC, identical targeting options, unique placement options, and device availability to make sure the right ad is in front of the right person at the right time.

4C Insights tested this theory with its own marketing campaign on LinkedIn, targeting senior marketing professionals over a one-month period with both Sponsored Updates and Text Ads. The results were promising:

  • 78 percent improvement in CPM and 11 percent more efficient CPC on the days when both ad types were running versus a single ad type.
  • Sponsored Updates' CTR improved 50% when accompanied by Text Ads.

Integrated marketing has always proved to be a strong strategy for B2B marketers, and the combination of Sponsored Updates and Text Ads proved no exception. For a deeper dive into 4C Insights' test of Sponsored Updates and Text Ads, take a look at this case study on SlideShare:

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