The Rise of Native and Mobile Ads [INFOGRAPHIC]

January 4, 2014

It’s a good time to be a social media marketer. We now have the technology in place to pay to promote our own good content in the social feeds of our target audience. I call this the crown jewel of social media marketing, but it’s more frequently referred to as native advertising.

Business Insider defines native advertising in the context of social media as: Ads that are seamlessly integrated into a user's feed and are nearly indistinguishable from organic content. Why is this so important to marketers? Because these ads look, feel, and work fluidly across mobile and PC platforms and are viewed within a user’s social media stream, which helps brands build effective campaigns across all devices.

It’s especially important to look at this from a mobile perspective because social networks are responsible for at least 17% of time consumers spend on mobile. When we look at LinkedIn specifically, we find that 38% of unique visiting members come through mobile apps, and weekly mobile page views for LinkedIn have jumped 250% year-over-year.

Mobile and native advertising are gaining increased popularity. With more social media users checking their accounts via mobile devices than on their computers, in-stream mobile ads are quickly becoming advertisers’ chosen method for getting their message front and center. The infographic below provides an in-depth look at the rise of mobile and native advertising and offers predictions for the future.

Native advertising’s influence on a broad range of media, including mobile and social advertising, will allow marketers and agencies to justify and continue to invest in native budgets for the foreseeable future.

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