The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast: Building an Owned Media Empire with Marriott’s David Beebe

November 3, 2015

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After an awesome time at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum, I’m back in the saddle for Episode 2 of The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast Season 2. This episode, we dive deep into building an owned media empire, where brands become publishers and create next-level content. My guide for the trip is someone who creates first-class content for travelers across the world: Marriott VP of Global Creative & Content Marketing David Beebe.

David started his career on the storytelling side, working for, Vin de Bona Productions, and Disney ABC. He won two Emmys for his interactive media work at Disney ABC, including an award for a multi-camera interactive online experience at the 2011 Academy Awards.

Now David has moved from, as he puts it, “storytelling as a business” to “storytelling for brands.” In less than two years at Marriott, David has helped build a content creation and distribution machine that entertains, delights, and informs travelers worldwide. The content he oversees for Marriott’s 19 brands includes everything from short films (like the excellent Two Bellmen), to television programming to print media.

Join us as we discuss the work David has done with Marriott, his plans for future content marketing efforts, and his thoughts on how brands can best co-create with influencers. You will also learn David’s go-to strategy for getting the most out of karaoke night.

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Listen in on the conversation as David and I discuss:

Content Co-Creation versus Brand Integration: Marriott’s content is engaging because they put content first, without pushing for product placement or intrusive brand integration. Find out how David’s team works with content creators to keep it real.

How Content Distribution Drives Strategy: Part of Marriott’s content success is how they strategically distribute content. David details the inspiring ways Marriott makes use of its existing infrastructure.

Getting Amazing Results by Meeting a Need: One of Marriott’s content initiatives led to over 7,200 room bookings in 90 days. Hear how David gets results by putting the audience’s needs first.

Does Print Media Have a Place in Modern Content Strategy? David discusses the role of old-school print publications in Marriott’s strategy, from their in-room magazines to a coffee table book co-created with a world-famous photographer.

Simply put, David is a content marketing dynamo with an amazing track record in his short career thus far. This episode is stuffed front-to-back with inspiring and informative advice, and I can’t thank him enough for sharing it with me, and with all of you.

You can find David on Twitter @davidbeebe, and be sure to dip a toe into Marriott’s content ocean at Marriott Traveler.

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