The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast Episode 7: The Intersection of Data and Creativity and the Future of CRM

July 1, 2015

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Episode 7 of The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast is our final installment around the theme of creative effectiveness in marketing. This episode was recorded live at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and our featured guest is one of the most forward thinking creative minds in the world. Please welcome Ian Haworth, the Global Chief Creative Officer at RAPP to the show.

This was a real treat for me as a marketer since RAPP is the award winning agency behind two of my favorite campaigns from the past year. First was the incredibly compelling short-listed Father’s Day Dove Commercial “Calls for Dad” . If you are a father then I challenge you to watch this without tearing up. This one made me immediately want to go home and hug my 6 month old daughter Penny and then run to the store to buy any and all Dove products.

The second is the B2B disrupting genius that is “72 Hours of Yes”. Being an instigator myself, I like to think of myself as sort of the Woody Woodpecker of B2B marketing, I love the story here of the underdog winning a battle against an over-sized competitor.

It was truly an honor to sit down with the Ian and hear his thoughts around some of the hottest trends and challenges facing the advertising and marketing space.

Listen Now:

Listen in on the conversation as Ian and I discuss:

The intersection of data and creativity – Ian shares his thoughts on how data is the catalyst for remarkable creative.

The evolution of CRM – Ian discusses how data is enabling CRM to be more people-centric. “We are moving to an opted-in world where it’s customer managed. A world where people don’t need brands, brands need people.”

The key to fostering creativity within an organization – Ian gives us an insider look at how RAPP fosters creativity throughout the organization. “For us it’s about thinking of what business we are in. Getting creativity into the core of what we do. “

The Pulse of Cannes - Ian talks about how he participated in a groundbreaking data visualization experiment during Cannes Lions which focused on the importance of being human in an age of technology.

And I was got in a few fun questions for Ian around the coolest perk of being in the creative business of and the most unusual requests he’s received from a client.

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