The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast: Episode 8 – Personality, Wit and Messy Desks

July 9, 2015

Doug Kessler Podcast

Thanks to everyone who is listening to and promoting the podcast! It’s been an incredible success so far, and I’m excited to present episode eight. This time around, I get to talk about personality, charm, and risk-taking in content marketing with Velocity Partners Co-Founder and Creative Director Doug Kessler.

As part of his outstanding work with Velocity, Doug has produced some great content marketing thought pieces. My favorites are the rants, like Crap: The Content Marketing Deluge, and this incredibly inspiring piece around finding meaning in B2B marketing which pulled me out of a content rut earlier this year.

So get comfortable, fasten your seatbelt (metaphorically, unless you’re listening in a car), and download the podcast below. You will learn the difference between “home-run” and “hard-working” content, the importance of cross-functional alignment, and my secret appreciation for acoustic rock.

We also have a fun debate on whether or not a clean and tidy desk makes for a productive marketer.

Messy Desks

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Listen in on the conversation as Doug and I discuss:

How Content Marketing Has Evolved: Doug’s first presentation, back in 2007, was called “What Is Content Marketing?” See how Doug defined it then and how that definition has changed in the last decade.

Balancing Your Content Approach: How do you keep your content cool and engaging while still answering prospect’s questions? Doug talks about the approach his agency takes.

The ‘M’ Word and B2B Marketing: Millennials are becoming more influential in the B2B buying cycle. Do marketers need to change their approach to appeal to them? If so, how?

Charm and Wit Versus Comedy: Comedy can be tricky for marketing—if you promise to make someone laugh and fail, it’s hard to stay effective. Doug talks about the importance of charm and wit, and when it’s okay to take the comedy risk.

Days of Future Past: For Doug, B2B marketing in the future should take some cues from what’s worked in the past. He talks about the trends he’s seeing and the ones he’d like to see.

If you’re just discovering the podcast, you can catch up with all the previous episodes here.

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