The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast: Episode 9 – Predictive Marketing and Killer Campaigns

July 27, 2015


Thanks for proving your sophistication and joining me again for the Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast. This episode, I’m joined by Amanda Maksymiw, the Senior Content Marketing Manager for Lattice Engines. They’re doing some fascinating work with predictive marketing at Lattice Engines, so it was great to get a chance to pick Amanda’s brain.

Amanda is the mastermind behind Lattice Engines’ incredibly successful “Marketing Nerd” campaign. And because she is essentially the entire content marketing department, Amanda has a great perspective on what it takes to put a campaign together.

So make sure your media listening device is fully charged, throw on the headphones, and download the podcast below. You will learn how to keep from over-committing on your content campaigns, how to combat “campaign fatigue,” and the proper way to pronounce “Maksymiw.”

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Listen in on the conversation as Amanda and I discuss:

How to Manage Expectations with the Demand Gen Team: As the Senior Content Marketing Manager, Amanda is busier than Def Leppard’s drummer. Hear how she keeps her commitments and priorities in order.

The Future of Predictive Marketing: Find out what wizardry Lattice Engines is up to, and what it says about the future of supplemental marketing automation.

How Long to Keep a Great Campaign Going: We marketers tend to get tired of a campaign while it still has some legs with our target audience. Hear how Amanda decides when it’s time to start a new campaign, and when it’s better to rejuvenate an existing one.

Spitballing, Storyboarding, and Syndicating: Amanda walks us through her process for creating and distributing a new content campaign.

Encouraging Employee Activation: We discuss how to promote content internally, so employees know when and what to share.

Thanks to Amanda for sharing her insights with me on this episode. You can contact her with follow-up questions on Twitter @AmandaMaks, or on her LinkedIn profile.

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