The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast: Passion, Transparency, and Authenticity with Dave Kerpen

September 22, 2015


Now that you’ve had a little break to let the awesomeness of the first season sink in, we’re back with season two of the Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast. This time out, I tapped a guest whose enthusiasm and passion for his work is truly inspiring: Likeable Media Founder & CEO Dave Kerpen.

Dave started his sales and marketing career as a Crunch & Munch vendor, taking in a grand total of $15 his first night on the job. But with a great attitude and a willingness to hustle, he built the foundation of his future success on boxes of buttered-toffee popcorn. You can read the whole story in Dave’s LinkedIn Publishing Platform post, Your Attitude at Work is Everything. Today, in addition to running Likeable Media, Dave is a best-selling author and a LinkedIn Influencer.

So join us for a discussion of content marketing, social media, and the power of transparency and authenticity. As a bonus, you’ll hear how Dave’s youthful hubris cost him the 1988 Nintendo World Championship.

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Listen in on the conversation as Dave and I discuss:

The Importance of Passion: We discuss how to combine personal and professional passion to be truly happy and successful.

The Likeable Movement: Likeable is more than a business to Dave; it’s a way of life. Hear his thoughts on transparency, genuine dialog, and authenticity, and how they all contribute to success.

How to Write a Killer Blog Post: Dave tells us all his secrets, from the images he uses to the type of story he tells to engage his audience.

Beyond Social Media and Content Marketing: Even though his business is built on social media and content marketing, Dave is most interested in the bigger picture. What life skills make us better people as well as better at our jobs?

I really appreciate the energy and info Dave brought to this episode. You can follow him on Twitter @DaveKerpen, and learn more about Likeable Media at

Thanks for sticking with us through the break! I can’t wait for you to hear from all the stellar guests we have lined up for season two.

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