The Top 5 IT Topics LinkedIn Buyers Care About

September 16, 2014

In my last blog post, I shared five mistakes that many tech vendors make when marketing to IT buyers on LinkedIn, and how to avoid them. Since everything from forming brand preference to catalyzing customer advocacy starts with offering the right content, in this post, I share the five tech topics that are owning buyer attention on LinkedIn right now. Use them to inspire your own trending content.

According to March LinkedIn member shares, here are the five high-tech topics that IT buyers are clicking on in 2014, and some recent articles that made it big in each category:

1. Cloud Computing

The tech world is mad about the cloud right now. A popular July Wired article by Andy Greenberg described “How Hackers Hid a Money-Mining Botnet in the Clouds of Amazon and others” for a look at the nefarious side of cloud computing and how certain possibly evil geniuses are using it to their advantage. LinkedIn users tend to consistently go to Forbes as a reputable source for tech information, and Forbes’ July article, “What Cloud Computing Customers Want: Clarity, Simplicity, Support,” about the new mega-industry of public service cloud providers, also got a lot of clicks.

2. Technical Support

This is a classic content topic that I’m not surprised to see IT buyers come back to again and again. It’s also a broad category that contains a lot of yawn-worthy drivel, so worthy content really rises to the top. This month, LinkedIn was abuzz with the rumor that Apple may have built a security “backdoor” into their iOS to give government and law enforcement access to users’ personal data. Mashable covered it in “Apple Denies Security Researcher’s Claims of iOS ‘Backdoor’” and Naked Security from Sophos in “Spy? Researcher Exposes Backdoor in iPhones and iPads.” Both the trusted heavy hitter and the little-known “internet threat news room” got lots of attention for iOS coverage, proving that sometimes, sharing from a little-known source can be an innovative way to get attention on LinkedIn.

3. Android

Androids are an industry darling these days, so news about Android apps and technology is perpetually hot. Case in point, an article by Tech Crunch about a new notification app called Yo that’s being massively adopted by consumers around the globe. In fact, Israel’s missile notification service, Red Alert, uses Yo to warn Israeli’s of incoming missile strikes. Sometimes, great content is published right here on LinkedIn (ahem) and that was the case with an article Kevin Carlson, Chief Security Officer at Optaros, wrote for us in July. With 24,541 views and counting, “The Battle for the Internet of Things, and the Winner Is…” weighs the Apple versus Google product battle and pronounces a winner. As Android threatens to leave the iPhone in the dust, this is compelling news.

4. Leadership

This is an age-old trending topic, clearly relevant to LinkedIn members who, natch, tend to be leaders or aspiring leaders. It also gets a lot of fluffy, sub-par coverage, so finding the right content to share (or creating your own) can be challenging. Consider Inc.’s recent article “Why Google’s Best Leaders Aren’t Stanford Grads with Perfect SATs,” which LinkedIn users ate up. And another internally published piece, “What Predicts Success? It’s Not Your IQ” by Daniel Goleman, author of FOCUS: The Hidden Driver or Excellence, did well with LinkedIn’s professional IT crowd.

5. Big Data

Big data has topped content trends for a few years running, but apparently it’s time for a fresh perspective. McKinsey & Company’s June article “The Digital Tipping Point” published the results of the thought leadership company’s latest survey on digitization and revealed that “companies must address key organizational issues before digital can have a truly transformative impact on their business.” Tech execs are clicking on the piece en masse.

These five topics will get you in the door, but you still need the almighty Reach, Frequency, and Engagement levers to really make your content explode. In my next post, I’ll share those indicators, plus examples of five companies that are positively killing it with their tech content. Don’t worry: it will include insight into how they’re doing it.

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