There’s a Professional Content Revolution Calling. Are You Going to Answer?

June 24, 2014

Did you know that the top content consumers on LinkedIn are spending on average one full workday (8 hours per week) consuming professionally relevant content? What about the fact that these professionals spend more time consuming professionally relevant content than news and entertainment?

Viva la Professional Content Revolution!

It’s a good time to be a content marketer on LinkedIn as professional content consumption is on the rise. In order to give your content the best chance to connect with the top content consumers on LinkedIn, marketers need insights. So we delivered. LinkedIn recently conducted a survey of 2,701 members in the United States who actively share and consume content. These members are on the forefront of a professional content revolution and leading the way by consuming and sharing content in record amounts. We call these folks “Content Revolutionaries,” and they are the audience you want to tailor your content for.

The infographic below pulls together highlights from our recent 2014 Professional Content Consumption Report. Armed with this knowledge, which includes a handy six step check sheet for success, marketers can use these insights to better understand how to create content that connects with these content revolutionaries.

Download the full 2014 Professional Content Consumption Report for more insights: