Top Tips for Compelling Sponsored Updates from Sprinklr, LinkedIn’s Newest API Partner

May 11, 2015

Organic social media and paid social media are not separate disciplines. Paid is an extension of organic activity, and social campaigns perform best when one informs the other.

At Sprinklr, we are building tools to help marketers manage their entire social content presence in a holistic way – from organic to paid. With our latest API integration for LinkedIn, which we are unveiling today, it is now possible for marketers to use Sprinklr to manage all their LinkedIn social media activity through a single interface: not only organic content on Company Pages, but also paid media through LinkedIn Sponsored Updates.

How can marketers engage LinkedIn’s audience of more than 350 million professionals with compelling Sponsored Updates campaigns? Here are some tips that we gathered while completing and testing the Sprinklr API integration:

Make Sure Your Audience Sees Your Content

To maximize audience exposure to your content and optimize, include four or five live posts in a campaign. You can even test different variants of these posts with LinkedIn’s Direct Sponsored Content feature, which helps you optimize by varying post elements like headline, call-to-action, or image across your audience.

Avoid Hyper-targeting

When setting up your campaign’s targeting parameters, ensure that the target audience is at least 300,000 members. Targeting only C-suite executives might sound appealing, but you also want to achieve scale at a reasonable price at auction. Plus, whether you’re raising awareness or driving leads, there are so many more people beyond the C-suite who are valuable audiences for your brand to reach! Consider the influencers of the C-Suite, such as their directors and other direct reports and advisors.

Tailor Your Content to Address Your Audience’s Professional Interests, Questions, or Challenges

Publishing relevant, tailored content will have a positive impact on your engagement rate. Find out what existing content your audience responds to and use it as a starting point to develop your own content. A great starting point is to promote your best LinkedIn Company Page or Showcase Page posts – and generate more content like that for future posts. What are your audiences already responding to? Use that to inform your future content strategy.

Bid Competitively

Remember: there are other advertisers who want to target content to the same audience as you do, so you need to bid high enough to be competitive. As you set up your campaign, you’ll see that LinkedIn provides a suggested bid range. Start by bidding at the upper end to improve your chances of winning at auction. You can always set a maximum campaign budget to make sure that your total spend stays within your limits.

Answer “What’s in it for me?”

Always put yourself in the position of the audience and ask ‘What’s in it for me?’ People are busy, they have short attention spans, and there are other advertisers vying for their attention. It’s necessary that your campaigns add value to the member experience. Here are three ways that you can do this on LinkedIn:

  • Offer new and relevant information, which ideally is not available through other channels
  • Provide an expert opinion on a topical subject matter that is relevant to your target audience’s professions. An easy place to start is to search the Web for blog posts or eBooks that are related to your audience’s core interests, and then model your own content off those.
  • Give free business or career advice. Remember LinkedIn is a platform for professionals to become great at what they do. How can your company help them achieve those goals?

Interested in learning more about Sprinklr’s publishing and campaign management solutions for LinkedIn? Sign up for a free Sprinklr demo today. Users can now compare organic and paid performance across multiple social platforms in the same dashboard; automatically optimize or promote their best performing content; and build unique audiences based on paid, owned or earned engagements with your LinkedIn content.

About the Author: Vesela Pehlivanova is the Associate Director, Global Operations and Product Development at Sprinklr, a social media management software company that helps large brands create, manage, and optimize valuable social experiences that customers will love on 20+ social channels and brand websites. Sprinklr is also a Certified Sponsored Updates Partner with LinkedIn. 


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