Trending Content of the Week: Back to School for Marketers

August 21, 2015

bright pencils

Even if your school days are far behind you, Back to School displays can get you nostalgic for when your day’s “work” was expressing your creativity. The aisles are full of brightly colored pencils, neon markers, and crayons in every imaginable color. It can really give you the urge to sit down with a pad of paper and get in touch with your inner child.

Fortunately, as marketers our work is inherently creative. It may not be posted on the family fridge anymore, but our content can compel thousands of people to like and share it worldwide. Even better, we have a toolkit full of tools and strategies to make sure our content reaches and affects our audience.

This week’s trending marketing content can help you improve both the creative and strategic elements of your marketing efforts.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week:


  1. Can Digital Shops Survive the Branded Content Boom? When brands are cultivating and publishing their own content, how can digital marketing agencies stay relevant? In this article for Adweek, staff writer Lauren Johnson explores how digital agencies can adapt to survive.
  1. Introducing LinkedIn Lookup: Easily Find, Learn About, and Contact Your Coworkers Only 38 percent of professionals said their companies’ intranets are effective at helping them learn about their coworkers. That's why we developed Lookup. Read on for details on how the new app works!
  1. The Best 9 Analytics to Help with Content Audits A thorough content audit can help you get rid of poorly-performing pages and optimize your old content for a new audience. Express Writers CEO Julia McCoy walks you through the process in this article for the Content Marketing Institute.
  1. Publish or Perish – The Future of Storytelling This article from NewsCred Head of Strategy Michael Brenner is a two-for-one special: a lengthy blog post about storytelling and a video of his #ThinkContent opening address.
  1. The Content Marketing Sacrifice In this SlideShare, the team at marketing agency Cerebra examine the tradeoffs between content reach and relevance, and how to strike the most advantageous balance between the two.

  1. 9 Super Simple LinkedIn Tips to Make Life Easier in the First 90 Days of Your New Job Marketers are used to being persuasive and likeable, but making a great first impression at a new job takes more than marketing acumen. Business Insider’s Enterprise Tech Reporter Eugene Kim presents nine ways you can start a new job on the right foot.
  1. Are Crazy ROI Metrics Destroying Branding and Storytelling? Even with the best content marketing strategy, it takes time to reach your audience and build brand loyalty. In this article for Forbes, Influence & Co. CEO John Hall encourages marketers to be patient, and not let short-term metrics derail your long-term strategy.
  1. Don’t Kiss 5% of Your Organic Traffic Goodbye: New Data on Why You Should Optimize Your Website for Mobile HubSpot Product Marketing Manager Jeff Vocell makes a clear case for mobile optimization in this article. More importantly, he gives practical advice on how to make your website mobile-friendly.
  1. How to Vet Social Media Groups for Prospects Social media groups are a great way to engage directly with your potential customers. Freelance Writer Kristi Hines discusses how to find the right groups to join, and what to do once you’ve joined them, in this article for Social Media Examiner.
    1. Creating Content for Millennials: Why It Matters + Strategies for Success In this recorded webinar, NewsCred’s Marcus Stoll and BuzzFeed’s Joe Puglisi delve into how to reach that most-coveted, least-understood demographic: Millennials.      

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