Trending Content of the Week: Fashionable B2B Content Marketing Tips

August 28, 2015

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According to the experts at Days of the Year, August 28th is National Bow Tie Day. So let’s take a moment and appreciate the versatility of this essential fashion accessory. For James Bond and Orville Redenbacher, high-brow maître d’s and nerdy scientists, the bow tie is the accoutrement of choice.

We marketers could stand to be as flexible as the humble bow tie. We can reflect our audience, whether they’re Bill Nye-style geniuses or Tucker-Carlsonesque pundits. We can equally embrace the stylish, creative side of our work and the nerdy, data-driven side.

Whether you wear your bow tie with a tuxedo or a pair of high-water jeans, this week’s trending marketing articles can keep you in the height of fashion.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week:


1. Stop the Interruptions! Marketing in the Age of the Always-On Consumer The next generation of connected devices, from watches to toasters, presents new opportunities and new pitfalls for marketers. Adobe Target’s Head of Product Marketing Kevin Lindsay ponders the implications of “always on” in this thoughtful article for Marketing Land.

2. 5 Ways Marketing and Sales can Collaborate for Better Content In this piece for Convince and Convert, OpenView Venture Partner’s Head of Marketing Strategy Kyle Lacy details how marketers can reach across the aisle and work with sales, for a more efficient and productive organization.

3. Attention is a Gift: Once You Have My Attention, Why Should I Care? There’s a paradox at the heart of content marketing: It’s a creative field, but it’s driven by data and analysis. Digital marketing pioneer Brian Solis brings together the creative and numbers-driven aspects in this intro to the eBook he co-created with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

4. 3 No B.S. Marketing Strategies: An Interview with Maggie Patterson In this episode of She Takes on the World TV, host Natalie MacNeil presents straightforward, easy-to-implement strategies from Communications Strategist Maggie Patterson.

5. Harness the Power of Personas for Social Media Marketing Personas have been a part of digital marketing for decades, but applying them to social media is still relatively new. Marketing professor Keith Quesenberry shows how to keep personas relevant in the social age, in this article for MarketingProfs.

6. Content for Business: How to Build Your Business on a Solid Content Foundation In this episode of the Social Media Marketing Podcast, Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi outlines his six-step approach to creating content for businesses in any industry.

7. SlideShare Rebrands as “LinkedIn SlideShare,” Adds a Pinterest-Like Clipboard Section LinkedIn acquired SlideShare three years ago, and has been working behind-the-scenes to develop a new user experience. Get the full scoop on SlideShare’s new identity and functionality with this piece from TechCrunch Writer Sarah Perez.

8. Are Your Marketing Strategies Lead Nurturing or Lead Interrupting? Effective lead nurturing must maintain a delicate balance—too little contact loses momentum, but too much can be intrusive. Square 2 Marketing Founder Mike Lieberman has the strategies to help you stay in touch without wearing out your welcome.

9. 12 Critical Marketing Strategies for Brand Differentiation in a Noisy World The Shaw Academy explores practical examples of brand differentiation from a variety of industries, finding practical takeaways from their real-world experience.

10. How to Make More Money with Creative Customer-Focused Content Marketing NewsCred has enjoyed incredible success with their content marketing strategy. See how they do it in this SlideShare from Managing Editor Amber van Natten.

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