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October 2, 2015

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The logo for Advertising Week 2015 looks like a face in profile, mouth open in astonishment, with the top of the head flipped up for easy brain access. After a week spent soaking up insights from the star-studded lineup of speakers, we feel a lot like that little guy looks.

You can see all the takeaways from Advertising Week at our LinkedIn Advertising Week Hub and our collection of thought leader interviews filmed live at the LinkedIn Times Center Stage. While we attempt to process everything we just learned, you can stimulate your mind (no flip-top head required) with this week’s roundup of Advertising Week related articles.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week:


  1. Advertising Week: By the Numbers Get a feel for the sheer size and spectacle of the event with this statistic-heavy summary from Digiday’s Shareen Pathak.
  1. Yahoo, Facebook and Google Tout Ad Tech at Advertising Week Sustainable Brands’ Sheila Shayon rounds up the major announcements from three ad tech giants in this article for Brandchannel.
  1. IAB Starts Publicity and Engineering Battle Against Ad Blocking Apple’s decision to allow ad blocking apps in iOS 9 was a big topic of discussion at Advertising Week. Advertising Age Executive Editor Nat Ives provides takeaways from the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s presentation on the topic.
  1. Dispatches from Ad Week 2015: Advertising’s Mobile Future and the Importance of Micro-Moments Google spent much its panel discussing “micro-moments,” the fleeting, mostly mobile opportunities for brands to engage. Natalia Angulo-Rico, Associate Editor for Industry Dive, sums up the conversation.
    1. Just One Question: How Frightened Are You of Ad Blockers? Campaign Video took to the convention floor to ask a random sampling of attendees for their opinion on the hottest topic of the week. Their responses range from fearful to determined to provide content users won’t want to block.

  1. David Droga and Lorraine Twohill Talk Mobile, VR and Logos that Don’t Make You Vomit David Droga is the founder of Droga5, this year’s Cannes Lions Agency of the Year. Lorraine Twohill is the Head of Marketing for plucky internet startup Google. Adweek’s Tim Nudd brings the takeaways from this conversation between leaders on the creative and tech side of the industry.
  1. What Publishers Are Talking About at Advertising Week Pandora Chief Revenue Officer John Trimble takes a look at the conversations taking place offstage at Advertising Week in this roundup for Ad Exchanger.
  1. Tracking the Wearable Devices Market at Advertising Week Are wearables the new frontier in marketing, or a fad with less potential than we imagine? NL3 Media Nancy Lazarus shares highlights of the wearables discussion from the brands most active in the space.
  1. Advertising Week 2015: How Brands Can Remain Relevant Today As brands struggle to position themselves in new media, pundits and prophets wonder if the concept of a brand is becoming irrelevant. Executives from Ogilvy & Mather, Coca-Cola, Facebook, and MasterCard addressed the topic at Advertising Week, and Digiday Reporter Tanya Dua has the scoop.
      1. Interview with Seth Godin, Author and Entrepreneur Content marketing legend, Seth Godin stopped by the LinkedIn hub for an exclusive interview. Check out his thoughts on ad blocking, permission marketing and making content worth consuming.

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