Trending Content of the Week: Staying Sharp in the Off-Season

October 9, 2015

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Here at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we are enjoying the lull between marketing conferences after AdWeek, INBOUND, and Content Marketing World. These big events are exhilarating, and we’re extremely thankful for the insights we gathered from hundreds of awesome presentations. But it’s also nice to have a little break before MarketingProfs’ B2B Marketing Forum so we can apply all these insights to our day-to-day marketing efforts.

While we may have one week off in between conferences, we know that’s no excuse to stop learning. We will continue our ongoing marketing education, and hope you do the same. This week’s roundup of trending marketing articles has a wealth of good takeaways for marketers of every stripe, from content creators to SEO practitioners to advertisers. So relax, put your feet up, and dive in.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week:


  1. Can We Please Stop Using Branded Content? Some marketers use the terms “branded content” and “content marketing” interchangeably. Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi points out the important differences between the two in approach and mindset, making a solid case against promotional branded content and advocating sustained, audience-based content marketing.
  1. 5 Ways Content Underpins Outbrain’s Customer Retention Strategy In this article for the Unbounce blog, Outbrain’s Miko Levy pulls back the curtain to show how his organization uses email, blog posts, webinars and more to keep customers engaged.
  1. 15 Blog Content Ideas with Examples and Tips Consistently creating exceptional content is a challenge for most marketers. Actionable Marketing Guide CCO Heidi Cohen shares her content-creation strategies in this in-depth post.
  1. The Myth-Busting Guide to Agency Growth and Scale If you want to grow your web firm, now if the time. Pantheon's newest guide is designed to help agencies overcome obstacles to growth without breaking the bank. No new hires, no big investments, and definitely no holds barred.
    1. 3 Ways to Dominate Your B2B Marketing Strategy Dreamforce Video presents this webinar on B2B email marketing, featuring Field Nation CMO Billy Cripe.

  1. Why Effective SEO Isn’t Simply about Creating Great Content There’s a popular conception that great content can take the place of SEO, or makes SEO unnecessary. ClickZ Global Editor in Chief Graham Charlton demonstrates the continued relevance of SEO in this Search Engine Watch article.
  1. Beyond the SEO Plateau: After Optimizing Your Website, What’s Next? Wizard of Moz Rand Fishkin offers strategies to continue improving your organization’s rankings and keywords after your initial optimization push.
  1. 6 Ways to Tell Stories with Data throughout the Customer Lifecycle Using data to tell compelling stories is a new trend in content marketing that is quickly gaining traction. The Lavin Agency’s Alexandra Samuel uses real-life examples to illustrate how you can start using data-driven storytelling in your content.
  1. Native Advertising to Engage Prospective Students Content Strategist Randy Burge explores the ways native advertising can augment content strategy, including good and bad examples of the practice, in this post for the Stamats blog.
    1. Content Doesn’t Grow on Trees: An Introduction to Content Strategy In this brief but thorough guide, OhmzTech Web Architect Jamie Schmid walks through the steps to creating a content strategy, illustrating the takeaways with easy-to-digest graphs and flowcharts.

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