Turkey-tastic Trivia: What Content Are You Most Thankful For?

A Thanksgiving quiz for the modern marketer

November 21, 2014

Similar to the Thanksgiving feast we are all looking forward to this next week, your blog boasts a wide spread – of content, that is. Or at least it should.

Earlier this year, we helped marketers discover the “Blogging Food Groups” to feed audiences a variety of quality content on their blog. As a recap, here are the 5 blogging food groups essential for a successful content marketing strategy:

  • Whole Wheat & Grains: Hearty & filling content you can dish out on the daily. Carbs at their best are those how-to posts featuring useful & relevant topics.
  • Vegetables: It might not be your favorite, but you know it’s good for you. If you eat your veggies you also enjoy a healthy serving of case studies & thought leadership pieces.
  • Meat: Those valuable, time-consuming projects that leave readers begging for more. Think ‘Big Rock’ content and strategic research & analysis.
  • Dessert: The sweet & sharable course that has everyone coming back for seconds. This light-hearted, cultural content typically accompanied by graphics & videos is a definite crowd pleaser.
  • Condiments: Guaranteed to liven up any meal, a dash of this content can spread like fire. Just like that ‘hot’ post you read recently that was packed with bold statements and helpful links.

This year, we want to help you reflect back on 2014 – the content you have created, shared and consumed – and discover the content you are most thankful for.

Sure, everyone places great emphasis on the Turkey; the valuable, time-consuming ‘Big Rock’ content that takes its place as the centerpiece of most marketing campaigns. But lets not forget about all of the sides and condiments that liven up the meal. And some would argue that dessert, the sweet and shareable course, is the best part of the meal.

So, what kind of content are you most thankful for? Take our turkey-tastic quiz to find out!

What content are you most thankful for?

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