LinkedIn B2B Marketing Articles

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    How to Stay Top of Mind and Achieve Success in B2B Marketing and Sales

    June 25, 2017

    Editor's note: This post was contributed by John Hall, Co-founder and CEO of Influence & Co. It wasn’t until I started writing my business book, "Top of Mind," that I realized how often people bring up the term "top of mind" in everyday conversation and how much weight that term carries. What began as a term I used to make fun of marketers for overusing started...

  • LinkedIn Targeting Tips

    The LinkedIn Targeting Combos Driving ROI

    June 20, 2017

    Note: A version of this post originally appeared on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions EMEA blog.  When you first start targeting B2B audiences on LinkedIn, it’s easy to get carried away with all the options at your disposal. Thanks to the depth and accuracy of LinkedIn profile data, there are many different ways to define an audience – and it’s tempting to load...

  • LinkedIn Targeting Cheat Sheets

    Get a Better Grade with LinkedIn Targeting Cheat Sheets

    June 15, 2017

    Most digital marketers can recall a time when their targeting strategy was about as good as throwing darts in the dark. Even when you hit the bullseye, you knew it wasn’t a reliable way to get results. When marketers aren’t sure how to target their campaigns, the confusion often boils down to a lack of understanding about the audience, a lack of targeting...

  • LinkedIn Sophisticated Marketer's Sessions

    What Motivates LinkedIn Members to Engage With Your Content?

    June 8, 2017

    Creating content doesn’t guarantee results. Content marketing results happen when the right content meets the right audience. To...

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    How to Use LinkedIn Matched Audiences

    June 5, 2017

    Editor's Note: This post originally appeared as a contribution on Social Media Examiner. Wondering how to retarget your website...

  • Is Thought Leadership Earning or Losing Business Decision Makers’ Trust?

    Is Thought Leadership Earning or Losing Business Decision...

    June 1, 2017

    In an era of declining trust – within the political landscape, news, and overall reporting of facts – the credibility of thought...