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  • 7 Great B2B Campaigns

    Get Inspired by 7 of Our Favorite B2B Campaigns from 2019

    January 6, 2020

    Editor's Note: Enjoy this special encore post, which was one of readers' favorites so far in 2020. This post was the first in an occasional LinkedIn Marketing Blog series, "Looking Back to See Forward," that kicked off the year by examining marketing's recent past to see the way forward in 2020 and beyond. Read the next post in the series. Creativity. Impact....

  • Brand and Demand illustration

    The 5 Growth Principles that APAC Marketers Need Today

    July 1, 2020

    Editor's Note: This post was co-authored by Sarah Sullivan. As a B2B marketer, there’s a high chance you use a mix of brand and demand marketing. It’s also likely that the balance weighs in favour of demand marketing—whether by choice or circumstance—simply because of the near-term results it produces. After all, proving the value of marketing to the business...

  • Woman working on a couch holding her baby

    Why Online Community Is More Important (and Easier to Grow) Than Ever

    June 24, 2020

    At a time where many brands and marketers are pulling back digital ad spend due to forces out of their control, the importance of organic community-building has arguably never been greater. LinkedIn members are embracing organic engagement. We’ve seen a surge on the platform. We’ve seen a 60% year-over-year increase in content creation and a 55% year-over-year...

  • Male marketers looking at phone, walking outside

    How to Engage Your Professional Audience on LinkedIn in 2020

    June 23, 2020

    In these difficult times, many of us marketers have hit the pause button on our marketing activities. Without campaigns to optimize...

  • Man wearing headphones lying on his bed working

    12 Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event on LinkedIn

    June 19, 2020

    People and companies everywhere are facing a lot of turbulence right now, emphasizing the value of solidarity and coming together...

  • Conversations With Your Teams About Diversity, Inclusion...

    June 15, 2020

    Editor’s Note: A version of this post previously ran on the LinkedIn Learning Blog. Current events have brought conversations about...