Using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates to Achieve Thought Leadership Goals

August 25, 2014

Today, companies and professionals are leveraging social media to grow their presence, foster meaningful relationships, and deliver value. One of the ways this value is delivered is through “thought leadership,” or in other words “content that is recognized by others as innovative, covering trends and topics that influence an industry.”

You’ve likely seen many examples of this type of content in your LinkedIn feed, but how can businesses leverage thought leadership content to drive business goals? Specifically, how can they take advantage of Sponsored Updates – our native advertising solution in the feed – to reach the right professionals to drive their business forward.

It’s this very question that we answer in our latest eBook: The LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Guide for Thought Leadership.

This guide was written for you, the content marketer, who wants to learn how to use LinkedIn to build relationships with professionals through thought leadership content. Get ready to discover how Sponsored Updates can deliver your content directly to the exact professionals you need to reach, in a place where they’re already interacting with professional content.

Download our thought leadership eBook and learn:

  • Why social media fuels thought leadership
  • How to establish thought leadership with Sponsored Updates in four easy steps
  • The types of content that work best as Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn
  • Best practices for messaging, visuals and targeting for your Sponsored Updates campaigns
  • How to track and optimize the elements of your campaign for maximum effectiveness


We hope the LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Guide for Thought Leadership becomes a useful, handy reference for you and your team. If you enjoy it, feel free to share with colleagues and friends.