Video Comes to Self-Serve LinkedIn Ads Platform

October 19, 2012

Have more to say than can fit in a text ad? Most advertisers do, which is why we’re excited to announce the global roll-out of video ads on our self-serve platform, LinkedIn Ads. Whether you have a complex B2B service to promote or an inspiring brand message, video ads are a way to educate, persuade, and inspire LinkedIn’s 175M members. 

Video ads are currently available through the LinkedIn Ads self-serve interface, our targeted advertising platform that lets large and small advertisers place text and image ads across the LinkedIn site. With LinkedIn Ads you can control your costs, pay per view or click, and stop your campaign at any time. LinkedIn self-serve video ads work seamlessly with YouTube so you can instantly leverage your brand’s existing YouTube presence and promote same videos on LinkedIn. You’ll still be able to grow and capture the same YouTube stats you’re used to.

Video ads will appear in standard 300x250 ad units across the LinkedIn site and will compete for impressions similar to how traditional text and image ad formats do. When a LinkedIn member is engaged and clicks your video ad, the video will take over the entire 300x250 ad unit and play a 30 second video. After the video completes, users will still be able to click through to your landing page or visit your website, just like with current ads.

Have a story to tell? Log in to your LinkedIn Ads account and create a new video ads campaign!