Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Video Ads [Guide]

April 11, 2018

LinkedIn Video Ads Guide

“The act of making movies has never been easier — getting people to care about them has never been harder.”

This was the response from independent filmmaker C. Mason Wells when asked about the greatest challenge he faces today as a creator in cinema. And it’s certainly a lament that rings true in the world of video marketing.

The barrier for entry when it comes to video creation has been lowered by the advent of high-res smartphone cameras, inexpensive accessories, and simplified editing software. Marketing departments can now create quality content in this category without needing the sort of specialized resources once required.

But as with any type of content in our saturated digital environment, the struggle is in finding and captivating an audience. This has been especially true for B2B marketers, who haven’t had an ideal platform for sharing and amplifying their business-related videos.

Until now.

Video ads have arrived on LinkedIn. This enables brands to use sight, sound, and motion to tell more compelling stories and drive deeper engagement on feeds. The results achieved by early adopters have been very exciting, and we want to make sure every company can excel by incorporating this crucial strategic priority into their Sponsored Content campaigns.

Your Comprehensive Guide to LinkedIn Video Ads

New features often involve some level of experimentation and guesswork, but we are pulling back the curtain on preliminary testing results to give you an idea of what’s working best for video ads on LinkedIn.

In our new How-To Guide for Captivating a Professional Audience, you’ll learn about a variety of components critical to succeeding with LinkedIn video ads. These include:

  • Choosing a campaign objective and tying it to your video marketing approach
  • Strategically measuring progress against those objectives
  • Following best practices for social video (length, sound, structure, etc.)
  • Finding your sweet spots for targeting and budgeting
  • Driving action with a clear and enticing CTA
  • Testing and optimizing for continual improvement

When it comes to creating great B2B video content, the ball’s in your court. But when it comes to getting the right people to notice and care about those videos, LinkedIn can help.

Download LinkedIn Video Ads: How-To Guide for Captivating a Professional Audience and find out how.