Introducing “Bye Bye Basic,” a New Video Series about B2B Marketing

July 11, 2018

bye bye basic buzzwords

On the surface, the #basic phenomenon that swept the US back in 2014 seemed to apply only to college girls in Ugg boots with Starbucks cups in hand. Now the term “basic” has expanded to refer to anyone and everyone participating in homogenous, mass culture without a second thought for the actual quality or value of what they’re consuming.

Say “bye-bye” to #basic marketing

Marketers are not immune to this phenomenon. In fact, we see marketers blindly conforming to boring B2B tactics all of the time. “Bye Bye Basic” is LinkedIn’s new video series showing that B2B marketing doesn't have to be boring or stuck up. It can be just as down to earth and accessible as the campaigns coming out of your favorite B2C companies.

In this light-hearted, entertaining series, we’ll be poking fun at all the #basic things B2B marketers are doing -- around buzzwords, lack of innovation, following dead-end trends, etc. -- and helping unearth more human and relatable ways to deliver their marketing messages at scale. With the future of marketing so dominated by talk of AI and machine learning, our humanity is more important than ever.

Buzzwords are the first to go  

In our first episode, saying buh-bye to #basic marketing means cutting the buzzword nonsense. We marketers are often far more guilty of speaking in code than many of our professional counterparts. In fact, it’s something of a badge of honor to be able to talk the marketing lingo in a creative brainstorm session. Internally, that is. What’s so often forgotten is that our audience doesn't want to be spoken to in jargon. They want to be spoken to in human words.

Practice concision & clarity

If you’re a copywriter, you know that concision and clarity are the two most important rules for effective communication. Why else would we spend rounds and rounds of edits trying to remove meaningless fluff from our prose? The same should apply to your spoken words, especially with the rise of video marketing. You don't have to have a huge budget to create professional video -- but you do need to aim for concision and clarity for all.

Here’s how we do it at LinkedIn:

What’s the most basic buzzword you’re going to commit to quitting? Tell us on Twitter with the hashtag #ByeByeBasic for a chance to be featured in the next episode’s blog post! Oh, and don't forget to subscribe to our blog, so we can deliver the next segment straight to your inbox.