We Highly Recommend These 10 Video Courses for B2B Marketers

February 22, 2018

Video Marketing

By now, marketers largely understand why B2B video is an utmost priority for content strategies everywhere. But creating something exceptional isn’t as simple as pressing record.

It’s not just about understanding the marketing side. That part is relatively straightforward, given our built-in knowledge and skill sets. Producing high-quality professional video requires familiarity with the fundamentals of filmmaking and videography.

Luckily, the LinkedIn Learning library features a wealth of entry-level (and beyond) instructive resources on video production. Watch these 10 courses to develop a basic grasp of all you need to know to create outstanding B2B video.

10 Helpful B2B Video Learning Courses

Video Foundations: Cameras and Shooting

Video production guru Anthony Artis covers the core essentials of shooting video in what he describes as a “no-nonsense boot camp.” Before you can start tackling the stylistic elements of video creation, you need to learn how to operate the camera, and Artis offers plenty of practical information in this regard: What does this button do? Why use that setting? Which things should I look for when shopping for a camera?

Cinematic Video Lighting

Lighting has a tremendous impact on the way your footage is seen and perceived. It’s often one of the most critical aspects that gets overlooked while planning and preparing for video marketing projects. In these tutorials, Jem Schofield explains various lighting techniques and demonstrates some simple tactics for making your videos more cinematic and immersive.

Introduction to Video Sound Design

The way a video sounds can sometimes be just as important as how it looks. In this session, audio engineer Scott Hirsch describes the “language of sound” and shows how you can establish a sound design workflow. He even delves into the new-age concept of 3D audio. You’ll also learn about what it takes to mix and finalize your video soundtrack.

Foundations of Video: The Art of Editing

Some of the most crucial work in video production comes after the recording is done. Knowing a few tricks of the trade can go a long way toward making your final product exceptional. USC professor Norman Hollyn outlines methods for cutting, sequencing, and driving emotion through editing choices. This beginner-level course is mostly tool-agnostic so it should prove helpful no matter which software you use.

Introduction to Video Dialogue Editing

One specific element of editing that stands out as integral for B2B video is dialogue; marketing content will frequently feature conversations, and being able to draw viewers into them is vital. Ashley Kennedy tees up this topic with a look at the history of dialogue in film, and then walks us step-by-step through the process of turning a script into an engaging filmed exchange. She presents three case studies to show how you can convey very different feelings (happy, sad, tense) through editing techniques.

Video Script Writing

What about writing the script to begin with? This session from Rick Allen Lippert approaches the matter in a way that will prove pertinent to video marketers, as he focuses more on scripting informational videos as opposed to screenplays. He talks about different modes of persuasion that can be employed, lays out formatting options, and emphasizes the importance of setting goals before you begin drafting your script.

The Art of Video Interviews

On-camera interviews are among the most common types of B2B videos, in large part because the barrier to entry is lower than many others. If you want to master this particular format, the lessons here from Amy DeLouise and Richard Harrington are definitely worth absorbing. Filming an interview is an artform, the hosts argue, and the duo provides plenty of guidance to help you get it right. Among the key items covered are scouting your location, building rapport among subjects, and minimizing narration.

Introduction to Documentary Style Storytelling

Documentary-style presentation, much like the interview, is a mainstay in B2B video. You already have a story worth telling, and by adhering to these pointers from Ms. Kennedy, you can ensure it’s worth watching as well. She builds context by looking at the origins of non-fiction film and tying the genre’s history to its modern state. You’ll see plenty of recognizable film clips to help the principles resonate.

Live Video Streaming: Essential Skills

Of course, in the world of social media marketing, live video cannot be ignored. Because it basically removes the post-production and editing components, webcasting requires a very different approach from standard video production. Learn from John Dudley how to nail this practice in an objective-driven business context, and how to align your desired outcomes with scope, budget, and ROI.

Budgeting Video Projects

From an operational perspective, budgeting can be a top concern. It can also be also an enigmatic one for managers who aren’t very experienced with video production and all it entails. Mr. Harrington breaks this process down from the standpoint of a PMI-certified project manager, and aims to take away the guesswork — or as he phrases it, BONSOP (Back of Napkin, Seat of Pants) — in setting a B2B video budget. Develop a more structured approach to creativity with this enlightening session.

With these 10 courses, you’ve got your B2B video curriculum set. After you’ve learned all the requisite fundamentals of lighting, sound, editing, scripting, live streaming, and more, you’ll be ready to press record and create something amazing.

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