What is LinkedIn Live & Where Does It Fit In My Content Strategy?

August 20, 2019

What is LinkedIn Live & Where Does It Fit In My Content Strategy?

LinkedIn Live is an exciting new format that brings together professional audiences in a real-time, interactive environment. Live enables organizations to create powerful brand moments, deepen relationships with followers and increase their engagement on the platform. In fact, broadcasters are seeing 7x more reactions and 24x more comments on average for live streams compared to regular video.

Mai Cheblak, VP of Group Media and Social at Emirates NBD recently shared: 

The panel discussions we have streamed on LinkedIn Live have outperformed all other social channels in terms of organic reach, social actions and engagement.

Read on to find out if your organization might be a good fit for LinkedIn Live. 

Use LinkedIn Live to boost your content strategy 

We’ve put together some of our favorite examples of live video across industries and organization sizes to demonstrate the power of LinkedIn Live and the ways that organizations are using it. Use these examples as inspiration and consider how you might incorporate Live into your overall strategy. 

Transport your audience to events

Events are a major pillar of any content strategy. They are ephemeral, happening in a special moment in time, and can create powerful experiences and brand associations. With LinkedIn Live, audiences can be transported to your events and take part in your community in real-time - no matter where they are. Here are some of our favorite examples:

Get interactive

Live video is powerful in its ability to foster real-time engagement with your audience. We encourage you to think about how to do the same with your streams. Pro tip: Make sure that someone on your end responding to comments, ideally during the stream.

Showcase innovation

Head of Employer Brand at Realtor.com Sarah Staley said it well: “Live video feels bold. Very few things seem to be live, so it shows that you’re confident.” 

Many of our beta participants feel the same way, which is why using live video to announce products or new ways of doing things is helpful for building an innovative brand perception. 

Promote your talent brand 

Do you think your company is an awesome place to work? 

LinkedIn Live is a powerful tool that helps you authentically showcase why. We’ve seen clever examples of companies using LinkedIn Live to stream their coolest office spaces, interview hiring managers about open positions and hear from employees themselves. 

Start a series

With serialized content, your followers can come to expect a regular hit of live content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

LinkedIn Live is available to those who apply for entry into our beta program and are approved. If you think you’ve got what it takes to consistently post compelling content, and would like to share product feedback, let us know by applying to the LinkedIn Live beta.

For those already admitted into the beta, we encourage you to download our LinkedIn Live Best Practices Guide for content ideas, best-in-class examples, and more.