Which Types of Video Work Best for 3 Different B2B Marketing Objectives?

April 3, 2018

LinkedIn Video Ads

While it varies case-by-case, today’s B2B marketing departments generally focus on three objectives:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Thought leadership
  3. Lead generation

These objectives align with a full-funnel strategy conducive to capturing attention, building authority, and developing actionable opportunities.

As we continue our exploration into how businesses successfully implement B2B video marketing, let’s take a look at which specific types of video content have proven most effective for these three critical directives.

B2B Video for Brand Awareness

As competition grows and buying committees become more fragmented, expanding familiarity and affinity with your brand becomes all the more vital. You can’t be top-of-mind for prospects until you’re on their mind to begin with.

Video is an excellent tactic for meeting this objective because it gets noticed and remembered. When brand awareness is the goal, the key will be creating video content that makes a lasting positive impression. Here are some fitting options for accomplishing this:

Employee Showcase

Highlighting your office culture and catching happy workers on film always sends a good message, to potential customers and talent alike. When you feature your actual team members in videos, you can gain additional reach because they’re more likely to share the content in their own networks, activating the power of employee advocacy. Here’s a slick example from BambooHR:

Event Coverage

Documenting your company’s presence at a conference or industry gathering is a relatively simple way to create video that will be relevant and useful to your audience. Film excerpts of presentations, interview attendees – anything that allows viewers to experience the action vicariously. Because there is often significant discussion happening online around an event, this presents a timely opportunity to extend your organic reach.

B2B Video for Thought Leadership

Research shows that 9 out of 10 business decision-makers find thought leadership content important or critical, and 16% of CMOs spend at least four hours per week engaging with it. Since we also know that senior executives tend to prefer video over copy when both are available, it’s easy to see why orienting B2B video content toward this objective is a savvy choice.

The most impactful thought leadership video content takes a bold stance and challenges the status quo, while communicating the unique knowledge and expertise of people in your organization. Here are some ways your B2B videos can encapsulate these qualities:


Narrative is compelling. When you want to draw viewers in and make a point, this is a great format for doing so. There are different ways to tell a story, and many stories to tell, so your options are wide open. The “Generation Beyond Mars Experience” video below from Lockheed Martin exemplifies this well, hooking the audience with a tale that stokes the imagination, while also demonstrating the company’s innovative ambition and capabilities: 

Interview an Executive

Simple and straightforward, a filmed conversation with one of your company’s respected leaders on subjects that matter to your customers can go a long way toward solidifying his or her authority, which then reflects onto the organization. An added benefit is that these videos allow buyers to put a face (or faces) to your brand – quite valuable in this age of impersonal digital interactions.

Discussion Panels

This format is similar to a one-on-one interview, but incorporates multiple voices and viewpoints. Ideally, you’ll get participation from influencers outside your walls, alongside your own panelists. This can build credibility with their followers as well as your own.

B2B Video for Lead Generation

In a world where revenue reigns and ROI is king, generating leads is one of the main quantitative factors upon which marketers are judged. Fortunately, LinkedIn presents an excellent platform for it, as the handy Lead Gen Forms feature is fully integrated with video for Sponsored Content.

In order to capture leads, your B2B video must create an incentive for the viewer, giving them reason to take that next step and entrust your company with their info. As you’ll see in these examples, that incentive can be either tangible or intangible.

Customer Success Story

“We’ve helped other companies like yours. Why couldn’t we help you?” This summarizes the core reason that testimonials featuring actual customers, sharing their genuine experiences, are so tremendously persuasive. As Telideo writes, “When you put the real people, not actors, that use, trust and work with your brand in front of the camera, you’re introducing a true humanizing element to your brand.” When done well, this is often enough to compel a buyer to further explore a match.

How-To Explainer

These are among the most useful and highly sought types of B2B videos. Once you’ve researched your target audience enough to understand their most common and prevalent pain points, you can create instructional videos that show how to solve them. Viewers will be so appreciative, they may be more willing to provide contact info so you can follow-up – especially since you’ve demonstrated that you know your stuff.

Contest or Promo

This falls more into the “tangible incentive” category. It’s a delicate line to walk, because giveaways can be expensive while also cheapening the quality of your leads, so you need to get creative and pinpoint a reward that appeals directly to the people you’d like to attract. Although this ad from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was aimed more at building awareness among business travelers, the video does show how to stir up enthusiasm around a promotion:

Crush Your Goals with B2B Video

For the objective-based B2B marketer, video provides a clear avenue for campaigns that deliver. Whether the goal is brand awareness, thought leadership, lead generation, or anything else, this engaging content yields results. For more inspiration, check out these eight examples of B2B video marketing that hit the mark.

And once you’re ready, we invite you to explore LinkedIn video ads and set up your own winning campaign.