These Companies Are Using Video On Their LinkedIn Pages and Crushing It

February 5, 2020

Why is video marketing so effective?

The simplest answer is that it helps us learn by seeing. There’s no need to conceptualize or imagine an idea or solution; we can watch it clearly play out right in front of us. 

So for those organizations that want to produce impactful LinkedIn video on their company’s Page, we found it most fitting to show rather than tell. You are of course invited to peruse our best practices for LinkedIn video ads, which are largely applicable for organic efforts as well, but if you want to see successful strategies in action, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we list nine LinkedIn Pages that are excelling with video content, with an emphasis on the emerging LinkedIn Live capability.   

9 Organizations that Are Crushing It with LinkedIn Video on Their Pages 

Hailing from all around the globe, and specializing in many different areas, these organizations all share one commonality: they’re making magic with video on LinkedIn. We recommend scrolling through their feeds in search of insight and inspiration.

(Note: We’ve omitted online media and publishing organizations for this list, as we recognize that they are advantaged in their ability to produce a multitude of content on LinkedIn.)

1. Searchie

This tech-based recruiting platform out of Dubai brings its LinkedIn Page to life with a steady stream of video content on the feed. We especially like their LinkedIn Live show, in which they interview executives and leaders in their space. With episodes broadcasting on a regular schedule, Searchie’s audience is able to reliably plan around catching new entries.

Check out their teaser video for Season 2.


The diverse mix of content types on Pendo’s LinkedIn Page includes plenty of live and native video content covering product marketing and management from every angle. Pendo mixes in live-streaming “webisodes” and uses quick-hit video to promote ongoing campaigns — like the eight-second promotion here driving to its “Product Benchmarks” experience.

One thing that really strikes us with Pendo’s approach is how compelling the first screens in their videos are; this is key in prompting users to “stop the scroll” and tune in.

3. GIBS Business School (Gordon Institute of Business Science)

Educational institutions like GIBS fully recognize the value of visual learning, so it’s no surprise to see a healthy flow of video content designed to inform on this LinkedIn Page. As part of a strategic mix, GIBS routinely shares thought leadership sessions that essentially put their LinkedIn audience in the classroom, such as this one featuring a conversation with CEO of Business Leadership South Africa Busisiwe Mavuso (note the short length and captions for easy following along). 

This short live broadcast celebrating a milestone for GIBS’ MBA Class of 2019 is a fun example of highlighting the people that drive the business. 

4. eCornell

Much like GIBS, eCornell invites its Page followers to experience powerful education content via video on LinkedIn — in this case, through an ongoing series of “Keynote” academic discussions that are broadcast in real-time. These in-depth interviews tend to run about an hour, which allows eCornell’s audience to build in engagement and view totals. 

Here’s a recent example of Deborah Streeter and Kirsten Barker giving their talk on The Side Hustle: Strategies for Success.

5. Resultados Digitais

Promoting and elevating events or conferences is one savvy usage of video content on LinkedIn. Brazilian marketing and CRM provider Resultados Digitais rallies awareness around its annual RD Summit with a bounty of supporting video. 

One noticeable characteristic of the videos featured on RD’s feed is the authenticity they convey, with real people speaking into the camera. At the same time, the brand likes to have fun and show some personality; their meme game is strong

6. SoFi

Offering modern financial products and services, SoFi focuses its content on topics of key importance in the lives of its audience: personal budgeting, negotiations, gender equality, FED coverage, etc. 

This video from their recent holiday campaign embodies so many qualities of engaging and useful social media video: it delivers meaningful advice, takes less than a minute to watch, and is spiced up by the whimsical festive theme and rhyming convention.

7. Gartner

The reputed research and advisory enterprise keeps its followers in the know with loads of relevant information delivered through various formats, including native and live video. This broadcast of Tina Nunno, Gartner’s Distinguished VP Analyst, speaking on CIO resolutions for 2020, drove more than 28,000 views and more than 500 comments. Note the anticipation-building countdown at the beginning. 

This and other content shared on the Page aligns with the company’s “Smarter with Gartner” initiative, designed to position them as an indispensable resource.

8. Socialbakers 

By giving their audience access to internal experts and industry leaders via streams on LinkedIn Live as well as high-quality native video content, the social media marketing agency’s Page becomes an appealing destination for those who want to stay in the know. 

This quick clip highlighting an excerpt from Socialbaker’s podcast interview with Brian Solis illustrates how video content can fit nicely into a broader strategy and support other initiatives. 

9. European Commission

The European Commission provides its audience with insight and visibility to important things happening at the government level by broadcasting speeches and events in real-time. For example, this stream from the Davos World Economic Forum featured EC’s president covering key topics relating to sustainability and data protection, and members were able to follow along as it all happened. 

Bring Your LinkedIn Video Strategy to Life

Video, and especially live-streaming, offer exciting new frontiers for engaging our audiences and carving out vital mindshare. The above examples of LinkedIn video on company Pages show there are many different approaches that can resonate on the platform. The key is to get started, focus on substance, and always keep your audience front-and-center.

Ready to go live? Apply for LinkedIn Live and put your brand’s video strategy in motion.