What does it take to create a creative organisation?

June 19, 2014

This week, LinkedIn sponsored the Cannes Lions CEO Academy with the goal to help build genuinely creative companies. Over the course of the week, we brought business leaders together with consultants, influencers and creative pioneers to explore what it takes to create free-thinking businesses that are primed for innovation and success.

We asked some of the Academy’s attendees for their views on what it takes to foster genuine creativity throughout a business. Here’s what we heard.


Cannes Lions CEO Academy: 5 Leaders Share Advice on Fostering Creativity & Innovation

“[Creativity] is very much something you need to embed at the heart of things – it’s about being able to take risks and work in a more flexible way, moving beyond business as usual.”  

-- Kim Slaney, Brand Director, EMAP Communications

“Success is when creativity reaches through every element of your business, fixing problems, growing the business and helping clients to solve their challenges. And that process requires you to keep learning and keep pushing yourselves as a business.”  

-- Daryl McCullough, Chairman and CEO, Citizen Relations

“You have to be on your toes every day. You have to be ready to travel at warp speed because things change that quickly.”

-- Gerald Govaerts, Chairman, TBWA\ NV Schoon Gelegen

“The ambition is to build an organisation that loves change and loves to adapt – and ensuring that everybody in the organisation buys into that.”

-- Agustin VivancosCEO and Head of Strategy, dommo.x

“Being scared of failure is the biggest obstacle – and developing a reward structure that overcomes that can make a huge difference.”

-- Amar SharanyChairman, Voucherry

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