What is the Next Step after Sales and Marketing Alignment? [Video]

September 15, 2015

sales and marketing align

As we work with our sales organizations to develop common objectives and streamline lead generation processes, the following question may be on many marketers’ minds:

If the biggest challenge was getting marketing alignment with sales, what’s the next frontier?

To uncover the answer, we posed the question to the following four industry leaders who attended this year’s B2B Connect event in San Francisco:

  • Alicia Dietsch, VP of Marketing Communications and Operations, AT&T
  • Bryan Burdick, Global Head of B2B, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  • Monu Kalsi, VP and Head of Digital Marketing, Zurich North America
  • Russell Glass, Head of Products, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

From the evolution of marketing automation, to differentiating content signals from noise, their insights shed light on where B2B marketing is headed.

Watch the video below to learn what these expert marketers had to say about the next frontier. And when you’ve finished watching the video, get together with your team to start planning your next marketing expedition.

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