What Makes a LinkedIn Sponsored Update Great?

Learn from the top five Sponsored Updates in North America

November 6, 2014

As a Content Marketing Consultant for LinkedIn, I work with marketers every month to contribute expertise to their professionally-targeted content marketing efforts. One thing I consistently face is a marketer’s desire to better understand what LinkedIn members are reading, and how to deliver that content in a compelling way that breaks through the noise in the news feed.

To address those common questions, we have developed a short presentation of the top five Sponsored Updates in North America, along with an analysis of what made these updates stand out. To be extra helpful, we’ve included a summary of the best practices that can be gleaned from them. Below are a few of my favorite tips for Sponsored Updates.

Top Tips for Sponsored Updates

  1. Mobile first: make sure your intro copy is concise, your call-to-action clear, and your landing page responsively designed
  2. Make it personal and relevant: use LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities to reach the exact audience that would be most interested in your story, and personalize the intro copy with “you” language, directly addressing the audience you are trying to reach
  3. Test and optimize: LinkedIn’s Direct Sponsored Content feature is allowing advertisers to try multiple variations of the same post and optimize for the best image and copy

Most of all, beyond the mechanics of the post, the actual content has to be able to stand on its own or you will lose your audience’s trust. So before you create an update, ask yourself: 'Is the content helpful? Will it make the reader more productive and successful in their career? Is it inspirational?' And of course, 'Would I want to read this?'

The best updates are able to answer one or more of those questions with a resounding “yes.” You can see them all here.