What’s the optimal frequency of updates on a company or showcase page? #AskLMS

August 30, 2014


Welcome to Ask LMS, where LinkedIn Marketing Solutions answers your questions about marketing on LinkedIn, content marketing, and more.

Our question today comes from Todd Wheatland, who submitted his question to us via Twitter using the hashtag #AskLMS.

Todd asks: What’s the optimal frequency of updates on a company or showcase page?

That’s a great question Todd, and I have consulted with our product team and some very smart marketers here on the LMS team for your answer.

We recommend 1 update per day at a minimum – averaging 20-30 organic updates per month. Then, using your company page analytics as a guide, pick the best performing and sponsor those – 2-4 per week is a good cadence to start with.

According to a recent study we did regarding the top performing brands on LinkedIn, we found that they publish an average of 112 status updates per month (about 4 per day!). These brands are continuing to increase their frequency of posting based on several factors, including:

  • Region. Are they posting globally? (For US companies that operate globally it’s a good idea to post for other countries’ time zones)

With Direct Sponsored Content, companies can make their content more relevant by sending personalized messages to specific audiences. It gives them the ability to test and re-test a variety of content in real-time until they get it right. Doing so allows for enhanced performance as they aim to connect with audiences, nurture relationships and generate quality leads.

Direct Sponsored Content also lifts limitations on who is able to post in the feed. Because content doesn’t have to start on the Company Page, different business units can test content specific for their audience with the Company Page administrator’s approval.

That’s it for this week folks. Thanks to Todd for his question. As a special thanks Todd will receive a physical copy of both The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn and The 2014 Professional Content Consumption Report along with a very special limited edition Ask LMS T-shirt.