What’s Trending in Marketing: Top Content of the Week

October 24, 2014

If you’re like 70% of the B2B marketers surveyed in Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs’ annual survey, you are producing more content than ever this year. Almost half of you are publishing new content daily, using an average of 13 content marketing tactics. That requires work, and time.

If creating great content is preventing you from reading great content, we can help. Here is our weekly roundup of the top marketing articles your peers were reading and sharing.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week

1. How Merrill Lynch Uses Content Mapping to Reach Affluent Americans What is the best way to connect with a small, highly-targeted demographic? In this post from the Content Marketing Institute blog, Brad Young explains the four ways Merrill Lynch shapes their content marketing strategy to reach a highly specialized demographic of affluent Americans.

2. How Google’s Latest “Panda” Algorithm Should Change Your Content Strategy Has Google’s latest search algorithm impacted your brand’s search rankings? Marketing Land columnist Jim Yu shares insights about how Panda 4.1 evaluates content on websites. Jim also offers up three questions marketers should ask to determine if their content provides a quality user experience.

3. Businesses Die in Obscurity. Do All You Can to Gain Attention What does it take for a business to “own the market?” In this article, Entrepreneur contributor Grant Cardone discusses how business leaders can create a content marketing strategy that generates market awareness and creates a competitive advantage.

4. 4 Ways to Crowdsource Content From Your Organization By tapping into the knowledge of others in their organization, marketers are able to produce content that can engage consumers on a deeper level. In this post from the LinkedIn publishing platform, Michael Gerard breaks down how to partner with internal experts as part of your content strategy.

5. Developing a Global Digital Strategy How does a Fortune 500 company create a worldwide digital marketing strategy? Johnson & Johnson Vice President of Digital Strategy, Gail Horwood takes to McKinsey’s Insights and Publications sections to share how the company redesigned their marketing strategy, enabling brands to engage both locally and globally.

6. 4 Ways to Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors Research proves that consumers trust branded messages from employees more than they trust messages from executives. As a result, brands benefit when their employees are active on social media. In this post from Social Media Examiner, contributor Louise Julig describes how Adobe empowers their 11,000 employees to become social media brand ambassadors

7. 9 Reasons Your Brand Should Tell Stories You already know the importance of stories for connecting with your audience. But did you know psychological research proves that stories have the power to influence attitudes, fears, hopes, and values? In this article published on the LinkedIn platform, Lysle C. Wickersham offers 8 additional reasons why brands must use stories to gain the attention of consumers.

8. 5 Tips for Using Social Media During Conferences Successful marketing is easier with a large network. In her guest post on Mashable, Lily Herman shares five ways attendees can leverage social media at conferences to build a network that can open up new content marketing opportunities.

9. Appreciating Oscar de la Renta’s Marketing Moxie Oscar de la Renta was not just a fashion designer; he was a marketer who successfully created one of the earliest lifestyle brands. Learn about the three bold marketing actions that helped Oscar de la Renta build a $600 million dollar business from Greg Portell’s post on the LinkedIn publishing platform.

10. 2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends for North America This report is quickly becoming an annual rite of content marketing, if it’s not already. See how your content marketing program compares to industry averages and find out if your organization does the one activity that makes marketers most effective with their content marketing.

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