What’s Trending in Marketing: Top Content of the Week

November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving was founded on the principle of sharing. When the Pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts Bay in 1620, they were unprepared for life in a new land. Thankfully for the Pilgrims, several English-speaking Native Americans volunteered to teach them how to survive in their new home.

Over the course of the colonists’ first spring and summer, Squanto and the Wampanoag tribe taught them how to cultivate corn, identify edible plants, catch fish, and tap trees for maple syrup. The ensuing fall, the Pilgrims hosted the first Thanksgiving Dinner to show their much-deserved appreciation.

In the spirit of sharing, here is our weekly roundup of the trending articles marketers were kindly sharing with their professional peers on LinkedIn this week.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week

1. Content Marketing Strategies You Can Steal In this Entrepreneurship article, contributor Ann Handley shares six key findings from the MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute’s fifth annual “B2B Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—North America.” Learn how to replicate the tactics of successful content marketers at your own company and steal six of Ann’s own content marketing ideas.

2. Your Business Needs a Great Story "A great story captures us. It arouses our imagination and we start to live out the story in our mind,” writes Jan Johnston Osburn in this post from the LinkedIn publishing platform. Learn how to use storytelling to create a personal connection with consumers and discover 11 questions that can help you uncover your brand’s unique story.

3. 7 Proven Methods to Explode Your Social Shares It is not enough to create quality content, hit the submit button, and hope for the best. In this Search Engine Journal post, Zac Johnson shares how seven companies successfully use social media to engage with their audience. This post uncovers proven tactics to get your audience to share more of your content.

4. A Content Marketer’s Checklist: Editorial Calendar Essentials The tools and tactics available to content marketers are constantly evolving. In this post on the Content Marketing Institute blog, Jodi Harris shares the latest content marketing tips, tools, and templates. Learn which tools you should incorporate into your editorial calendar to achieve better results in less time.

5. The Road Not Taken: Why I Started Calling BS in Meetings How do you handle it when someone goes off track in a meeting? Shane Atchison recommends 'calling BS' to ensure your meetings stay focused. Read this post on the LinkedIn publishing platform to learn subtle tactics to ensure you not hurting feelings, but rather are shifting the conversation in a positive direction.

6. 7 Truths About LinkedIn Every Professional Needs to Know With more than 313 million professional users worldwide, LinkedIn has replaced traditional networking for many marketers. In this Inc. article, contributor Jayson DeMers reveals seven truths few professionals know about LinkedIn, along with the pitfalls to avoid when building your LinkedIn networking strategy.

7. Happiness: The Key to Success in Digital Marketing Read this post by Alicia Whalen on the LinkedIn publishing platform to learn why you will receive the best ROI with your content marketing by focusing on making customers happy. Alicia also provides five tips for how to deliver happiness to consumers with your content.

8. 10 Common Reasons Why Content Marketing Isn’t Working for You "Just because everyone is doing content marketing does not mean that they are winning at content marketing,” writes Neil Patel on the KISSmetrics blog. Read this post to find out if you are making one of the 10 mistakes that derail a good content plan, and if so, learn how to turn your content strategy around.

9. Does Your Content Pass the Resharing Test? In this SocialPros podcast featured on the Convince & Convert blog, Jay Baer interviews Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick about their new book, The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users. Listen to their discussion to discover the biggest mistake content marketers make and learn specific, practical suggestions to get your audience to share your content.

10. The Future of Content Marketing Did you know that half the clicks a piece of content will receive come within the first three hours it is shared on social media? In this SlideShare presentation, Michael Brenner explains how the field of content marketing is changing and how avoiding the “unique point of view” trap can help you attract more consumers to your content in 2015.

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