What’s Trending in Marketing: Top Content of the Week

February 6, 2015

Just as performers faithfully rehearse to command their abilities in front of the public, marketers sweat over our content. Then, we send it forth -- hoping it will be a hit with our audience.

Think about your all-time best-performing content; the asset you’d put on center stage at Carnegie Hall for all to see. What steps did you have to take to get it front and center?

Each piece of trending content featured this week deals with some aspect of this process for marketers – from front-end SEO considerations to social media tactics that expand reach. Read on for insights and observations from your marketing peers that may inspire you to create center stage worthy content this week.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week

1. 3 Great Choices for a Winning Content-Marketing Strategy “What is it that separates successful marketers from the ones that aren’t able to achieve tangible results?” asks Entrepreneur contributor Pratik Dholakiya. Check out Dholakiya’s post to learn how focusing on value, relationship building, and substance can help you create content that resonates with its intended audience.

2. 2015: The Year When B2B Marketers Stop Accepting Single Digit Conversion Rates In this post, Forbes contributors Pat Spenner and Karl Schmidt examine three trends that are reshaping expectations for marketing teams. Learn how automation, pressure to show ROI, and demand gen enhancements are set to help marketing organizations improve conversion rates for marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

3. B2B Marketing eBook: Inspiration from 14 Marketing Influencers On the TopRank Online Marketing blog, James Anderson explores the future of content marketing with the help of 14 “B2B savants.” Get “future visions you can use today” from our own Jason Miller as well as marketing leaders at organizations that include Moz, Marketing Profs, and Salesforce ExactTarget.

4. Content Curation: How to Easily Find Great Content to Share In his latest installment of the Social Media Examiner podcast, host Michael Stelzner interviews Ian Cleary of RazorSocial about content curation. Listen for insights on how to find relevant content and share it in meaningful ways that can build your authority and increase audience engagement.

5. How to Do Keyword Research in 90 Minutes Keyword research can seem an all-consuming task. In this post on Moz, Jeremy Gottlieb seeks to make the process more manageable for time-strapped marketers. Check out the article for an efficient process that doesn’t sacrifice thoroughness.

6. New Data: What Types of Content Perform Best on Social Media? To answer the question posed in the title of her post, Andrea Lehr reviews qualities of shareable content through an analysis of 220,000 articles published over a six-month period. Head over to the HubSpot blog to learn which types of content get shared, how content performs by industry, and when it’s best to share.

7. 7 Steps That Will Hook Readers on Your Content Through the Magnetic Force of Fascination Is your content failing to make your audience swoon because it lacks an emotional connection? In his Copyblogger guest post, Andrew McDermott outlines how you can leverage “fascination cues” to attract attention and make an impression with your audience.

8. How to Audit Your Content Marketing to Prove ROI Are you being asked to prove the worth of your efforts? If so, head over to Newscred where Amber van Natten explains how the brand newsroom proves return on content marketing investment. With a little help from Liz Lemon gifs, Ambers walks readers through the process NewsCred uses and provides three takeaways you can use to establish your own content marketing ROI.

9. Don’t Let Data Idolatry Kill Your Content Marketing No savvy marketer denies the importance of data, but Melissa Lafsky Wall cautions there is more to messaging than numerical values. In a guest post on Contently’s Content Strategist blog, Melissa emphasizes the importance of storytelling in an era of quantitative measurement. “There will always be that qualitative gap that all the data points still can’t illuminate,” says Wall. Check out her post to see the reasoning behind her statement.

10. Social Media Secrets Last week we highlighted The Art of Social Media, a new book by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick, as part of our “Marketing Book Worth a Look” series. Those eager for additional tips and tricks from Guy and Peg can view this SlideShare presentation to learn some of the social media secrets contained within the pages of their new book.

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