What’s Trending in Marketing: Top Content of the Week

February 13, 2015

Snowed in. That’s where much of New England finds itself this week.

With offices shut down, schools closed, and cars under piles of snow, many have been hunkered down at home. Endless stories and images of daunting drifts have filled social media feeds across the Internet, allowing those of us far from the Northeast to get a glimpse into the experience and the story these pictures so vividly portray.

Much of this week’s trending content addresses this most human need to tell and consume stories, along with the methods marketers use to craft compelling narratives for their audience. So whether you are working from your sofa in New England or are in a warmer climate, enjoy inspiration and tips for making your marketing come alive.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week

1. 14 Content Marketing Tips from the Pros Check out this Momentology post for a roundup of insights from marketers who spoke at Digital Summit Phoenix. You’ll find practical, ready-to-implement content marketing tactics from our own Jason Miller, Arnie Kuenn, and other prominent marketers.

2. Grilling the Gurus: 10 Q&A with LinkedIn’s Deanna Lazzaroni “Don’t let social media get a bad reputation because you’re not able to ‘turn it off,’” said LinkedIn’s own Deanna Lazzaroni in her interview with Social Media Today Columnist Ross Richendrfer. Rather, Deanna encourages marketers to use social media “to connect with people in meaningful ways, instead of letting it be the barrier that prevents you from meaningful connection.” Be sure to read the full post for additional insights from Deanna, along with a behind-the-scenes peek into the culture here at LinkedIn.

3. 6 Rookie Mistakes You Might Be Making On LinkedIn Discover what not to do on LinkedIn in this post by Hannah Tighe on the HubSpot marketing blog. You’ll learn how to avoid the novice-level stumbles that can undermine your ability to build authority, strengthen relationships, and generate leads.

4. The 5 Key Pillars You Need for Epic Content Marketing Success Jeff Bullas delivers another on-the-mark post. In this post featured on his website, the influential social media marketer and digital strategist provides a snapshot of the content marketing landscape, including its challenges and demands. Jeff’s five pillars can guide your content marketing efforts in 2015 and beyond.

5. How Does Content Marketing Actually Get You More Sales? Many organizations have struggled with the title question of this Quick Sprout post by Neil Patel. Neil covers how blogs at KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg drive revenue, providing insights other companies can use to grow traffic and convert visitors into customers.

6. 4 Tools to Drive Conversions from Your Social Traffic Speaking of converting visitors, Yoav Vilner wants to help you leverage social media to achieve business objectives. In his guest post on the Social Media Examiner blog, Yoav describes tools marketers can use to deliver relevant content, guide traffic, analyze audience insights, and measure performance.

7. 10 Ways to Get Into the Content Marketing 38% The “content marketing 38%” referenced in the title of this CMI blog post refers to the percentage of B2B marketers who report being effective in the latest B2B content marketing report. Fernando Labastida provides clear steps you can use to fuel content marketing that will help your organization become effective.

8. How to Create a Deep Connection with Your Prospects and Customers “If you intend to sell something – to ask for someone’s hard-earned money and irreplaceable time – you must begin by seeing (and honoring) who they are.” This important reminder comes via Copyblogger from Sonia Simone, who shows how to make an emotional impact with the audience that matters to you.

9. SEO 2015: Will This Be the Year of the Story Brand? Storytelling can be hugely impactful toward establishing an emotional connection with prospects and customers. On the KissMetrics blog, Asher Elran packages helpful advice for creating a brand story from industry leaders that include Rand Fishkin, Mark Jackson, and Troy Ireland.

10. 36 Visual Content Creation Tools the Pros Can’t Live Without The importance of visual content cannot be overemphasized when it comes to tapping into the emotional element of marketing. We’re visual creatures, and the way to our hearts is through our eyes. In this SlideShare presentation, social media strategist Donna Moritz provides expert-recommended tools you can use to increase the visual appeal and emotional impact of your messaging simultaneously.

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