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August 22, 2014


Last week, we featured the post, What You Can Learn About Marketing From an ‘Icy’ Phenomenon in which Entrepreneur contributor John Brubaker provided the intriguing backstory behind the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Pete Frates wanted to bring awareness to the ALS cause. A former college baseball player who developed ALS at 29, Frates figured the best way to raise awareness was to get people laughing and talking. The Ice Bucket Challenge was born, and Frates was absolutely correct. Michael Jordan, Steven Spielberg, Oprah, Lady Gaga and even former Presidents have since joined the movement.

Frates’ idea to increase awareness has also increased donations. To date, The ALS Association has received $41.8 million in donations, nearly 20x more than the $2.1 million raised during the same period last year.

All because Pete Frates discovered a way to get people talking.

As we continue our weekly series, here is the marketing content people are talking about this week.

What Marketers Are Sharing Around the Virtual Water Cooler This Week

1.   5 Data-Backed Secrets of Social Media’s Most Shareable Content Did you know there’s a tool that can tell you how emotional your headlines are? Do you know why list posts are so effective? Buffer blog contributor Garrett Moon shares several data-drenched nuggets that can help your content achieve sharable status.


2.   Personalized Marketing Is No Longer a Luxury “The old methods don’t work anymore,” says Entrepreneur contributor Eric Siu. In this post, Siu explains why today’s customers require an investment and why content marketers need to exercise patience.

3.   7 Thoughts That Will Change Your Content Marketing Strategy What would happen if you went 6 months without mentioning your product? If your content marketing disappeared from the planet, would anyone miss it? In this post, content marketing mainstay Joe Pulizzi will compel you to do some heavy thinking regarding your strategy.

4.   How We Come Up With Big Content Marketing Ideas In this post, Hootsuite’s Evan LePage gives readers inside access to the idea-generation machine at Hootsuite. Discover why you should make everyone a creative and why you should not rush projects.

5. Is it Time to Forget Free Social Media Marketing? Blogger Jeff Bullas takes a moment to reminisce about the days when companies could amass tribes on social media before he provides a quick snapshot of social network audiences, along with the ads marketers can use to reach them.

6.   Why You Need to Stop Neglecting Your Old Content HubSpot’s Pamela Vaughan recently analyzed the performance of her company’s blog content and found that 76% of the blog’s monthly page views came from old posts. The crazy part here, says Vaughan, is “even though that stat is probably similar for most marketers, we still put practically all our effort into creating content…and virtually none into optimizing the old.” This post explains the significance of neglecting old content and provides excellent tips to remedy this common occurrence.

7.   Time Is What Brands Want Most, But What They Use Worst Caution: Do not read Andy Stalman’s post from the LinkedIn publishing platform unless you’re prepared to do some heavy lifting with your brain for the next 120 seconds.

8.   How TED Makes Content Marketing Look Easy In this post, Andrew Kaplan uses the LinkedIn publishing platform to tell the story of an organization whose purpose is to spread a deeper understanding of the world through stories. Discover how to master the same tactics that make TED highly effective at content marketing. Kaplan also gets bonus points for mentioning LinkedIn’s Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide.

9.   The Trick to Getting Millennials to View Your Content They’re ‘entitled, narcissistic and they don’t like hard work.’ We’re not talking about millennials. We’re talking about every up-and-coming generation, according to its predecessors. In this post, Entrepreneur contributor Joe Cardillo cuts through the stereotypes to deliver practical information marketers can use to reach the newest generation that ‘just don’t get it.’

10.   6 Tips to Acquire Customers with Your About Page The about page might be the most underrated webpage. It’s one of the most clicked pages on nearly every website, yet for many marketers, it’s an afterthought that was “set” long ago. Revisit your about page and use it to drive results with these sweet tips from ReferralCandy.

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