What’s Trending in Marketing: Top Content of the Week

March 13, 2015

“You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.”

This bit of wisdom from humorist Sam Levenson applies not only to life in general, but also our marketing careers. With finite resources to accomplish our personal and career goals, none of us have time for activities that are proven to fall flat.

Thankfully, many of our fellow marketers have made mistakes (and lived to blog about them) so that the rest of us don’t have to repeat their blunders. Much of this week’s trending content is based on real-life lessons. So read on to reach your goals faster by applying the following learnings to your own initiatives.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week

1. How to Fix 9 Harmful Misconceptions about Content Marketing Content marketing is easy and cheap. It delivers instant results, but its value isn’t measurable. These are among the misconceptions digital strategist Stephen Moyers debunks in a guest post on the CMI blog. Go there for insights, case studies, and tools you can use to avoid the mistakes many companies make with their content marketing strategy.

2. 2015 Small Business Social Media Trends [Research] In this post, Heidi Cohen, Chief Content Officer of Actionable Marketing Guide, looks at how the fastest-growing U.S. companies are using social media to drive meteoric revenue gains. Review social media tips from Heidi, including LinkedIn essentials for making your brand more visible on the world’s largest professional platform.

3. 44 Social Media Tools Recommended by the Pros As marketers, we’re junkies for tools that make social media easier to use. In this Social Media Examiner post, editorial director Cindy King calls on leading marketers to share their go-to resources. This is your chance to see what tools social media rockstars like Brian Clark, Michael Stelzner, and Mari Smith use on a daily basis.

4. “Brand Voice” Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means… But You Still Need One Brick Wall Media founder Melissa Lafsky Wall recently asked the following question to readers of the Content Strategist blog: “If your brand was [a] person at the dinner party, who would they be?” Read her post for insights you can use to establish a strong, consistent brand voice in your marketing.

5. The Psychological Trigger That’s Confusing Your Customers (and What to Do about It) Conversioner CEO Talia Wolf shows how “analysis paralysis” affects website visitors and explains what you can do to create better user experiences. Dig into Talia’s post on the KISSmetrics blog for tips and brand examples that can help you convert more site visitors to customers.

6. 4 Steps to Creating Authentic Stories Your Customers Will Want to Read Compelling brand stories can create emotional connections with audiences, but many B2B organizations struggle with storytelling. On the CMI blog, Carol Barash outlines a process built on the neuroscience of storytelling that can help you “literally synchronize your reader’s brain with your brand marketing content.”

7. A Content Marketer’s Guide to SEO: A Checklist Storytelling can engage audiences at an emotional level, yes, but your heart-stirring content may never be found if you don’t account for SEO. In this post, Search Engine Land columnist Thomas Stern outlines search must-haves to give your content the best chance of being consumed.

8. Your 50 Favorite Blogs: The Most-Loved Marketing, Social Media, and Productivity Blogs of Buffer Readers What blogs do you look to for insight, ideas, and inspiration? Chances are you’ll find a few new favorites on this list from Buffer’s Kevan Lee. Take a look at sites in seven different categories, including social media, content marketing, and thought leadership.

9. Thought Leadership Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss in 2015 “Although more companies have gravitated toward thought leadership initiatives, there are few out there that execute these strategies well,” observes Forbes contributor John Hall. He goes on to list 10 thought leaders (including our own Jason Miller) you can look to for inspiration.

10. Creating Truly Personal Omni-Channel Customer Experiences Omni-channel marketing is a trend shaping marketers’ strategies across industries. This SlideShare deck from Brian Solis explains why, and what you can do to personalize the experiences consumers have with your organization. Click through the presentation and learn how to create consistency across brand touchpoints while encouraging audience engagement.

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