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April 24, 2015


Dear Marketer of the Future:

If you are reading this, you are one of the lucky survivors of what marketing blogs have dubbed “Mobilegeddon.” We can only hope this message finds you well.

Okay, so there was no digital marketing apocalypse this week, but, as expected, the winds of change keep on blowing. The headlines this week were saturated with Google’s algorithm change, and per usual the marketing blogosphere was bursting at the seams with praiseworthy posts on a wide variety of topics.

Whether you’ve been hiding in an underground bunker or you’ve been too busy creating your own content to keep up with peer-recommended reading, here are the big ideas, tips, and observations your fellow marketers have been reading and sharing this week.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week

1. How to Write Content that Engages Mobile Readers We’ve all optimized our websites for mobile devices to prepare for Mobilegeddon, so we should be good to go, right? Not so fast, says Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg co-founder Neil Patel. People scan text differently on mobile devices than they do on a computer screen. Neil details the ways you can optimize your copywriting for mobile devices, so your text will match your snazzy new mobile site design.

2. How Will Email Marketing Evolve over the Next Five Years? Some marketers say that email is on its way out as a marketing tool. Econsultancy Social Media Manager David Moth proves them wrong with the results of Econsultancy’s latest Email Marketing Census. Check it out to see how marketers are using email now, and what trends David has identified for the future.

3. How to Create an Email Newsletter People Actually Read Email can definitely still be an effective marketing tool, but only if the messages are crafted to appeal to the reader. That’s where Ginny Soskey, Section Editor for the Hubspot Marketing Blog, comes in. She lays out ten steps to crafting an appealing email newsletter, complete with real-world examples of what to do and what to avoid.

4. 18 Reasons Why You Need Every Employee Using LinkedIn Every Day Of course, outreach like an email newsletter is more effective if your corporate brand is on point. Personal Branding Pioneer and Forbes contributor William Arruda believes LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways for businesses to build their professional brand and for employees to build their personal brands. Dig into his post for ways in which LinkedIn can expand your professional network, bolster your brand, and ultimately drive revenue.

5. How I Manage a Social Media Platform of Over 11 Million Followers Every Day Social Media Strategist Peg Fitzpatrick manages Guy Kawasaki’s social media platform of over 11 million followers. But she also built her own social media empire by starting with zero name recognition and amassing nearly a million followers. Check out Peg’s guest post on the Buffer blog to find out how she built her loyal audience and how she continues to engage them in this article full of practical, scalable advice.

6. The Real Reasons Social Media Affects Your Company’s SEO According to Search Engine Journal’s Lucinda Watrous, social media engagement is about more than building community. It can affect your organization’s search engine ranking as well. Lucinda breaks down how social media activity increases your linking potential, which leads to higher search engine ranking. It’s a refreshing reminder that killer content marketing has a direct effect on your organization’s visibility.

7. How to Improve Your SEO with LinkedIn and Slideshare Speaking of SEO and social media, Boulder SEO Marketing Founder Chris Raulf sees a lot of untapped optimization potential in LinkedIn Company Pages, Showcase Pages, personal profile pages, and SlideShare accounts. Chris’s article on Social Media Examiner thoroughly explores all the ways to add SEO to LinkedIn and SlideShare, and includes ideas and results from his own experience.

8. Content Marketing: Without the Community, It’s Only Half the Equation Marketing isn’t just about SEO-optimized content; it’s also about building a community. PR Strategist Shonali Burke points out that “pushing out content is all very well, but unless you build a community, there will be limited-to-no engagement with your content.” In this article on her PR firm’s blog, Shonali gives a solid overview of how to bake community-building into your content marketing campaigns.

9. The New Utility: A Story About Brand in the Social Age According to Seasalt Learning’s Founder Julian Stodd, community plays a much bigger role than simply providing amplification and engagement. In the social age, Julian says, the community determines the value of your brand. He says, “If you accept that the value of your brand is held within the community, then you need to engage with your communities, both internally and externally, with authenticity and humility.” Dig into the full article for real-life examples of dynamite community interaction from corporate brands.

10. How Learning PR Tactics Made Me Awesome at Content Marketing Kaizen Director Pete Campbell saw firsthand how a clever community outreach campaign can lead to success. In this SlideShare presentation, Pete shares a tale of ice cream, penguins, and combining marketing outreach with PR savvy. Pete’s wit and charisma make this presentation as entertaining as it is informative.

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