What’s Trending in Marketing: Top Content of the Week

May 15, 2015

hybrid marketer robot

We’ve recently been exploring the concept of the hybrid marketer on the LinkedIn Marketing Blog. A hybrid marketer is a modern, multi-dimensional powerhouse who is up-to-date on the latest technology, can rock SEO, and consistently creates compelling content. Preferably they do all this with one hand tied behind their back, juggling flaming chainsaws. Well, only Jason Miller does that last part.

The point is, modern marketing combines technological savvy with creativity. It’s part science, part heart. Part machine, part human.

To nourish both your metallic and organic marketing components, dig into the posts your fellow marketing cyborgs have been talking about this week:

  1. 8 Copywriting Tips for Improving Conversions If anyone knows how to write content that converts, it’s KISSmetrics founder Neil Patel. In this post on HubSpot’s Marketing Blog, Neil offers practical advice on effective copywriting, with inspiring real-world examples.
  1. Content Marketing & SEO: The Bigger Picture There’s a tendency in the business world to see content marketing and SEO as separate disciplines. Trond Lyngbø, Head of SEO at MediaCom Norway, shows how closely integrated they really are in this deep dive on Search Engine Land’s blog.
  1. The Generational Content Gap: How Different Generations Consume Content Online This huge collection of stats and graphs from Fractl and BuzzStream puts the “info” in “infographic.” Check out the what, when, where, and how of three different generations’ content consumption.
  1. How to Create Social Media Images that Connect with Your Audience Anna Guerrero is the Content Marketing Manager and Editor at Canva, so she knows her graphic design. In this post for Social Media Examiner, she covers the different types of images companies should post on social, and how to rock each one.
  1. How Intel Attracts More Than 2 Million Readers a Month Intel’s tech culture magazine, iQ, is one doozy of a content marketing success story. Find out how Content and Media Strategist Luke Kintigh made it happen in this interview with Michael Brenner for B2B Marketing Insider.
  1. Content is Dead. Long Live the Conversation Despite the provocative title, SaleCycle’s Head of Marketing Chris Sheen still believes in the effectiveness of content marketing. But he encourages marketers to see content as part of a two-way communication with customers, rather than a one-way broadcast.
  1. Beyond Engagement: Why LinkedIn is Right to Elevate Employee Advocates One way companies can initiate fruitful conversations with consumers is by empowering their employees to share content and advocate for the brand. Grey Kite’s Mike Bailey shows the potential of LinkedIn’s new Elevate platform to do just that.
  1. Does Creative Still Matter in B2B Marketing? In a B2B marketing landscape driven by data, how important, really, is the creative side of things? Spear Marketing Group President Howard J. Sewell lays out a brief but compelling case for the creative, concluding that “good creative is still the ultimate competitive advantage.”
  1. Small Business, Big Data: 6 Principles to Win with Big Data Big data is a big deal for the future of marketing. If you’re just starting to work with big data, or are looking for a to-the-point refresher, this post from LinkedIn Marketing’s Sean Callahan is an excellent primer.
    1. Rethinking Publishing in the Content Marketing Era Creative Spark Interactive’s Matthew Buckland may not live in the future, but he can see it from here. In this SlideShare, he ponders everything from the future of print publishing to Augmented Reality.

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