What’s Trending in Marketing: Top Content of the Week

May 29, 2015

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Summer vacation time is drawing near again. For most of us adults, summer means we can keep the windows down during our morning commute. But let’s try for a moment to remember what the first day of summer felt like when we were in school, how those 90 days stretched out in front of us with limitless possibilities. And then, just to be fair to our adult selves, let’s remember how terribly bored we were after the first couple weeks of freedom.

Now that we’re grown, we know that learning is just as exciting as getting to sleep in and watch TV all day (even though a few days of loafing are great every now and then, too). Even better, we don’t have to stop learning for a quarter of the year. The great marketing school of the Internet doesn’t shut down for summer.

To help you further your education, here are the marketing articles your classmates were reading and sharing most this week.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week

1. The Secret Weapons of Online and Social Media Marketing With the modern proliferation of new marketing channels, there are bound to be a few that get overlooked. Midas Touch Consulting CEO Radha Giri uncovers four powerful, lesser-used channels in this article for Your Story.

2. Why Good Unique Content Needs to Die In this installment of his Whiteboard Friday series, Wizard of Moz Rand Fishkin argues that marketers need to go beyond “good, unique content” to reach their audience. Check out the video (or read the transcript) to see why 10X better content is a worthwhile, achievable goal.

3. How to Include Humor Tastefully in Your Content to Engage More Readers Express Writers CEO Julia McCoy dives into the why and how of using humor in your marketing content in this article for Search Engine Journal. Check it out to learn how to be funny in your online content without seeming unprofessional or offensive.

4. LinkedIn Adds Robust Analytics for Content Marketers LinkedIn just released a suite of new tools to help marketers track the content they publish on LinkedIn. Professional Freelancer Kimberlee Morrison provides a brief but thorough breakdown of the new capabilities in her post on the Social Times blog.

5. 9 Free Microsoft Excel Templates to Make Marketing Easier Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for office productivity, sure, but is it…sexy? Withhold judgment until you see all the functionality of these templates for everything from making a social calendar to tracking AdWords campaigns, in this HubSpot post from marketing writer Carly Stec.

6. Rise Above the Noise with Advanced Social Media Sharing Tactics In a cluttered content market, it can be tough to get your content to stand out. Jordan Kasteler, director of SEO at MWI, shares an 18-point plan for helping your voice get heard by your target audience.

7. Why Digital Marketing Podcasts Belong in Your Learning Routine Podcasts have become a major marketing asset in the past couple of years, but there’s value in listening to them as well as creating them. TopRank’s Director of Agency Marketing Ashley Zeckman breaks down when to listen and what to listen to.

8. Best Practices for Pay-Per-Click Vs. Social Media Advertising In this post on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform, Venture Digital owner Fleur Ottaway explores the relative merits of PPC and Social Media Advertising. It’s a good overview of the difference between the two, as well as a guide for choosing where to focus your marketing efforts.

9. Best Practices: How a Software Company Drove Event Attendance with LinkedIn Find out how Replicon used LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates and InMail to exceed attendance goals for their event series in this Ad Age article from Editor Kate Maddox. Check out the article for tips on how to replicate Replicon’s success.

10. Content Marketing Inspiration from John Cleese and Other Creative Innovators Content Marketing World 2015 is coming up this September, and we’re already getting excited. The Content Marketing Institute helps spark your enthusiasm with this SlideShare on the importance of creative thinking in marketing.

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