What’s Trending in Marketing: Top Content of the Week

September 19, 2014

Every day, our industry changes faster than the day before. As I am curating the top content this week, I am reminded of just how fluid the concept of “marketing success” is within this ever-evolving landscape. New strategies emerge, tired tactics stop working, and marketing mainstays get a new twist. In marketing, as with most aspects of life, as long as you are still learning, still trying, and still improving, you have never lost. Success is often only a failure or an insight away.

This week’s top content is filled with honest, open dialogue of failures, learnings, and revised thinking. It’s a fantastic list for those whose aspiration for “marketing success” is never ending. Read on to discover trending content that was appreciated and shared in the marketing community this week.

Top Marketing Articles To Read This Week

1. 5 Hacks for Creating and Promoting the Right Content In this post, Moz contributor Paddy Moogan uses Chip and Dan Heath’s “sticky” test as a framework for ensuring you are creating the right content. Then, Moogan provides several no-nonsense suggestions for delivering your sticky content to the right people.

2. Why the Humble Quiz is a Brilliant Content Marketing Tactic When is the last time you used a quiz to engage your audience? When done correctly, quizzes can engage your heartland audience and drive relevant traffic to your web properties. Here, Elli Bishop uses the Jeff Bullas blog as her platform to explain the merits of quizzes while also helping content marketers use this tactic correctly.

3. How to Successfully Use Social Media for Donations Gary Vaynerchuk is no stranger to the rapid movements of our industry. In this LinkedIn Influencer post, he explains the essence of using social for donations in his trademark straight-to-the-point fashion.

4. CMOs Plan a Digital Overhaul for 2015 In the CMO Council’s eighth annual State of Marketing study survey, sixty percent of respondents said in the next 12 months, their “number one goal is to implement a ‘digital marketing makeover’ across platforms, programs, and staff.” As Bruce Hornsby once sang, “there’s gonna be some changes made,” and Contently’s Amanda Walgrove does a nice job of laying out the pain points and remedies surrounding the coming changes in this post.

5. Behind the Scenes: How I Write Blogs “My first rule of social media is to make sure everything I post is absolutely authentic. If it wasn’t really me writing on LinkedIn or posting my virgin.com blogs, people would spot it a mile off,” says Sir Richard Branson in his latest LinkedIn influencer post. You don’t want to skip past this one.

6. Pay to Play: The End of Free Social Media Marketing? In this article, The Guardian contributor David Moth doesn’t just talk about the decline of organic social reach; he backs it up with some new sources and eye-popping statistics.

7. 14 Social Media Tools Recommended by the Pros Fourteen social media experts describe a top tool they use and recommend. A simple, delightful concept from Social Media Examiner’s Cindy King.

8. Broken Content Marketing? Hint: It’s About Getting the Right Leads, Not More Leads In this VentureBeat guest post, LeadMD CEO Justin Gray uses the story of his company’s recent contact record purge to pass on a few of the significant insights they learned. Here’s one: “Having a larger database of contact records than your competitor isn’t a competitive advantage.” Read on to discover more of Justin’s advice on making your future content count.

9. Too Many Marketing Teams Are Stuck in the Past “Over the past dozen years, I have participated in both the infusion of digital capabilities into traditional marketing organizations and the establishment and maturation of digital marketing organizations at Disney, J. Crew, and, now, Conde Nast Entertainment where I am VP of marketing-digital. Based on this experience, I see five areas that need to change in order for marketing to function effectively in the digital age,” says Harvard Business Review contributor Mei Lee. How have you not clicked yet?

10. 10 Tips for a Better Blog Post by Ann Handley We absolutely loved having Ann Handley week on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog. A huge thank you to Ann for her participation and fabulous insights! Let’s pay homage to Ann one last time during her week with this SlideShare presentation from Wiley, publisher of Ann’s newest book, Everybody Writes.

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