What's Trending: Top 10 Marketing Articles on LinkedIn

January 27, 2014

Sometimes keeping up with the latest trends in our industry can feel daunting with all of the other tasks we must complete on our checklists each day. But keeping tabs on what’s trending can actually help you get ahead and tackle the to-do list faster, fueled with inspiration from other thinkers and brilliant work. I know I feel most creative after absorbing a great piece of content that really makes me think.

At LinkedIn, we love being in the business of helping professionals find those “ah-ha” moments that allow them to succeed. Whether it be an article you read via LinkedIn Pulse or a Sponsored Update from a company promoting thought leadership, you can almost always find something of value in the LinkedIn feed.

In case you missed these in your feed over the past 7 days, here are the Top Trending Articles on LinkedIn for Marketers this week:


1. Survey: Email is 40 Times More Effective Than Facebook and Twitter  In a recent McKinsey & Co. report, email was reported to dominate when it comes to marketing effectiveness in acquiring customers. And with nearly 45 percent of all marketing e-mails today opened on a mobile device, if you’re not thinking about optimizing your full marketing plan for mobile, you’re missing out.

2. The Princeton Facebook Study Is Missing Something Obvious In a new report coming out of Princeton University, it is estimated that Facebook will lose 80% of its users by 2017. In this latest post, LinkedIn Influencer Gary Vaynerchuk explains why he thinks this change will happen.

3. The Nine Letter Word Every Marketer Needs to Remember At All Times  Did you know that 96% of consumers acknowledge having received mistargeted promotional information, and 94% break off communication as a result? If you’re missing the relevant mark with your prospects, chances are you are losing a customer for life. Find out how to avoid this by embracing the nine-letter word.

4. What If We Had One Last Click on 2013?  Nicolas Bordas, Vice President for TBWA Europe, shares a list of the most relevant campaigns of the year as curated by Gregory Pouy, founder of La Mercatique. What I love most about the featured three campaigns is the approach to deliver compelling and emotional experiences to users where they already are.

5. Introducing the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn  It’s been a big week for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions as we launched a “big rock” piece of content, created to help educate marketers about the opportunities available with LinkedIn. Packed with B2B marketing thought leader interviews, stats and compelling graphics, this comprehensive guide is meant to serve as the one-stop shop for the modern marketer looking to drive social media success with LinkedIn. Dive in – and let us know what you think!

6. 3 Scientific Studies With Real Insight Into Social Media  How much are the interactions customers take with you brand across social media worth? And what role do influencers and earned media play in your marketing plan? Dive deep into insights to help inform your content marketing strategy.

7. Twitter's 2014 Strategy: The Intersection of Video and Data Over the past year, Twitter has been touting its symbiotic relationship with TV. As brands look to embrace second-screen opportunities, especially around live events, it will be interesting to watch how social media strategies evolve to deliver enhanced cross-platform experiences.

8. 10 Things Customer-Obsessed Companies Do Differently  Today, the customer is in control, and brands that have recognized this are able to realize increased profits from customer retention.  As we move forward in the Age of the Customer, expect increased use of data to inform and delight along every step of the user journey.

9. How to Turn Selfies (and Puppies) Into High-End Retail Sales  As mobile adoption continues to rise and more photos are uploaded to social channels every day, brands have adopted unique ways to integrate themselves into the photo frenzy and drive sales. From Lancome to West Elm, crowd-sourced content wins and we can expect even more of it in 2014.

10. Super Bowl Ad Chart: Who’s Buying What in Super Bowl 2014  Ad Age shares a round up of which advertisers we can expect to see go head-to-head for audience attention during the Super Bowl this Sunday. Who will have their own real-time Oreo moment? And will you be purchasing direct from David Beckham’s body in the first shoppable ad from H&M? There is still time to buy a new Samsung smart TV…


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