What's Trending: Top 10 Marketing Articles on LinkedIn

January 17, 2014

Last week, we launched a new series on our blog curating the top articles shared by marketers on LinkedIn. The weekly series became a quick hit, so much so that our blog post became one of the top trending articles this week!

Like last time, you may have seen some of these articles in your LinkedIn feed or read a few on your LinkedIn Pulse app. But for those of you that missed them – or those of you who love a good curated list like I do – here are the Top Trending Articles on LinkedIn for Marketers this week.

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  1. 2014: The Year Advertising Gets Personal  In 2013, brands realized opportunities to leverage data to inform better marketing decisions. In 2014, data will not only inform decisions but help us deliver actionable plans to engage consumers when and where they want to be engaged. Expect greater personalization as location-based data and consumer behavior data marry to deliver value.
  2. How to Respond to a Social Media Crisis  How would you respond if your brand were hacked or if you discovered contaminated products had been sold to customers?  Social media has opened up doors for communication and transparency, which is why it’s so important to have a reputation management strategy in place in the event of a crisis – because if you don’t act proactively, social backlash will leave you cleaning up a mess. Use these 7 steps to defend your brand reputation and avoid the hassle.
  3. Social Media Increasingly Important for B-to-B Marketers: Study  According to a new study by IDG Connect, a research and lead generation division of the International Data Group, 86% of IT buyers use social media today in their purchase decision process. As social media grows in its importance to influence buying decisions, expect tighter integration between social media efforts, demand-generation activities, and broader go-to-market efforts.
  4. Facebook’s News Feed Changes Will Require New Marketing Strategies  Over the past 9 years, Facebook’s updates to the site have come with both love and hate from the social networking community. This time, marketers are worried the latest changes will result in a decline in organic reach, forcing them to pay to maintain the reach and frequency they have previously seen on the platform. As social adoption grows and shifts are made to prioritize trending news, marketers must evaluate social platforms and adapt to reach audiences with relevant messaging.
  5. 5 Key SEO Questions for B2B Companies  Are you setting up your website for success? If your pages have duplicate content, long load times, and aren’t set up for social sharing, forget topping Google search rankings. Evaluate the current state of your on-site SEO program with these five simple questions.
  6. What’s Trending: Top 10 Marketing Articles on LinkedIn  In our first weekly feature to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog, we round up the top 10 articles trending for marketers at the start of 2014. See what trends were predicted, what summaries and examples from the past year highlighted, and take in a dose of inspiration for the week ahead.
  7. Eight Steps for Making 2014 Your Video Marketing Year  In 2013, 93% of marketing professionals used video as part of their strategy, and 71% increased their video spend from 2012 levels. With more video forecasted in 2014, how can marketers create compelling video that delivers ROI? These eight tips can help you outline a winning video strategy.
  8. Why Marketers Need to Care About Social Search [Infographic]  If you’re not thinking about the impact social media interactions can have on your search results, you’re missing half the picture to your marketing strategy.  This infographic breaks down how social is helping to build user confidence, boost traffic and trump traditional SEO methods.
  9. The Content Marketing Conflict: Engagement vs. Usefulness  When designing your marketing content, you want to engage your audience and lead them through the buyer’s journey, which is why producing relevant content to the lifecycle stage is crucial. But equally important is delivering utility. Why? Because business buyers aren’t even contacting suppliers directly until 57% of their purchase process is complete. Delivering utility early on, or focusing on “help” not “hype” as Jay Baer commonly advises, can get you on a prospect’s radar.
  10. Announcing the Brand New Beginner’s Guide to Social Media  This is the second beginner’s guide from Moz (formerly SEOmoz)– the first of which highlighted SEO for beginners.  With chapters on each of the key social platforms, best practices and metrics, this guide is great for the novice social media marketer. I’d also highly recommend checking out Moz’s Whiteboard Friday videos. After all, who doesn’t love a good whiteboard session?!