Why Content Marketing Matters More Than Ever

June 13, 2013

These days, anyone with an Internet connection can have a voice. While this has created new opportunities, it also makes it more difficult to hear and be heard. Buyers are no longer persuaded by advertising alone. They’re using the web, search, social networks, and more to educate themselves on potential purchases. Research shows consumers are 60% through the buyer’s journey before reaching out to brands for help on available options.

This is where content marketing comes into play. We’ve created a resource center to help you get started with content marketing on LinkedIn.

Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Relying on the old model of periodic campaigns is no longer enough. Today the brand “voice” takes a front seat, while the hard sell takes a step back. Artfully communicating to your audience is critical in a feed-based advertising landscape that is here to stay.

In 2012, content marketing was the leading tactic for 19% of marketers worldwide. In 2013, that percentage has grown to 35%. More companies are realizing they need to balance out their traditional marketing efforts with content marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn has evolved into a publishing platform, with considerable opportunities for content marketing. In fact, recent data shows that members engage six times more with content on LinkedIn than jobs-related properties. LinkedIn members seek insights and information that relates to their industry, including relevant content. As a marketer, you can capitalize on this trend by providing compelling content that’s targeted to your audience. Visit our new online resource center to learn more.

As you kick-start your content marketing programs, keep these three tips in mind:

Don’t Just Sell, Add Value
Offer useful content that will earn you credibility with your desired audience. Help them become smarter, more productive, more successful or the first in the know.

Ask Them What They Want to Hear
There’s no better barometer than the conversations you hear on the platforms where you have a constant stream of information. If done right, a winning content marketing strategy will enhance consideration of your brand and generate leads.

Be Human
Avoid blatant self-promotion, and don’t shy away from humor. Its appeal is universal and a bit of lighthearted banter can go a long way. Doing so shows that your brand is invested in more than the sale, making you a trusted source when purchase decisions are made.

In time you’ll find real value in your investment through the engagement you see, the relationships you’ve built, the amplification of your messages and ultimately, the impact on your revenue.