Why We're Hungry for Remarkable Content [Infographic]

November 23, 2015

hungry for moreHave you ever finished a greasy, salty snack, only to find you were hungry for more?  It’s not just you. Scientists say junk food—food high in fat, salt, or sugar—actually depresses our ability to feel full. Without our responsible mature brains kicking in, we wouldn’t stop snacking until we keeled over. There are certainly enough options in the junk food aisle to keep us always eating and forever hungry.

All of which to say: The Internet is a supermarket of ideas, and its junk food aisle is enormous. Imagine billions of bags of chips, mountains of orange-dusted cheese puffs, and chocolate-drizzled pretzels stretching to infinity. And we are all shoveling it in, hours at a time, every day. To get the attention of our audience, our content marketing efforts must compete with a lot of high-fat, low-nutrition options.

Of course, junk food has its place in a healthy diet— ahem, chocolate cake content! But too much of it gives you that still hungry, slightly queasy feeling that remains until you consume something substantial, something meaty.

There is real business potential for marketers who provide their audience with a nourishing, satisfying meal. On average, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, and generates three times as many leads. But irrelevant, junk food content can end a brand relationship before it even begins.


We asked Altimeter’s Brian Solis and cartoonist Hugh MacLeod to assess the current content landscape, and to find the best way forward. Together with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, they created Attention is a Currency, a witty call-to-arms (and total eye candy) encouraging marketers to create remarkable content.

Why We’re Hungry for Remarkable Content is an introduction to the big ideas in Attention is a Currency examining the hard data of content creation and consumption. Take a peek to see where your audiences’ attention is spent, and learn the true business value of creating remarkable content.

To learn more about creating remarkable content that draws people to your brand, get the full meal with Attention is a Currency.

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