The 5 Most Influential SlideShares for Marketers This Week

August 5, 2016

The 5 Most Influential SlideShares for Marketers This Week

Editor's Note: This post was inspired by the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions EMEA Blog.

It’s been a great week for marketers looking for insight and inspiration on LinkedIn SlideShare. From Mathew Sweezey’s hugely useful guide to marketing thought leadership to Rand Fishkin’s personal take on the need to be more thoughtful about marketing objectives, you’ll find a real mix of content adding value in different ways. For anyone who missed out on Cannes Lions Festical of Creativity, you’ll find a very personal round-up of the most thought-provoking slides from the festival – and it’s well worth making time to explore the importance of entertainment to marketing as well. Get ready to dive into the 5 SlideShares your fellow marketers were reading and sharing most this week.

Is the way we’ve been doing Marketing and Sales broken?

61,515 views, 4 days

I’ll admit that when I flicked through the first 35 slides of this presentation (don’t worry, they are quick, slick and entertaining) I thought I’d heard their message before. If you’re a smart B2B marketer, you’ll know all about how the path to purchase is changing – and how traditional cold call-infused sales strategies are delivering fast diminishing returns. This SlideShare gets really interesting and challenging at the point when it starts asking why marketers don’t do more to change strategies that they know would never work on themselves. It’s food for thought– and a timely challenge to us all.

Why Marketing should care about Entertainment

90,570 views, 4 weeks

You have to love a SlideShare that is itself the best possible proof of its central argument. Why Marketing should care about Entertainment certainly qualifies – and it knows it. This wonderfully hand-drawn piece of content is basically a series of entertaining stories that illustrate a brilliantly simple point about the most effective marketing: it’s not that logic has no place in your creative strategy; it’s that you have to give equal importance to personality and emotion. The final slide is brilliantly self-referential and another example of how both brands and thought leaders are making increasingly savvy use of the SlideShare platform.

100+ Beautiful Slides from #CannesLions 2016

40,456 views, 4 weeks

Didn’t make it to the Cannes Lions festival last month? Want a flavr of some of the most inspiring sessions that took place at the Palais? Don’t worry… Jesse Desjardins has got you covered. This is a very personal SlideShare featuring photos of the slides and sessions that made an impact on one Cannes delegate. It’s not slick; it doesn’t look great – but it’s a very good selection (Jesse chose some great sessions) and a great way to catch up with some of the big ideas. That’s what more than 10,000 people a week have been doing.

103 Genuine Marketing Thought Leaders

14,999 views, 3 weeks

There are a lot of supposed marketing thought leaders out there – and only a limited amount of time to spend consuming their content. How can you identify the genuine original thinkers that you should be following? The short answer is: have a look through this SlideShare from Mathew Sweezey. Not only has Salesforce’s Marketing Insights Principal picked out the 103 marketing thinkers he believes are most worth having in your feed – he’s also characterised them by the particular expertise they offer and the style of thinking you should expect. It’s a great reference (and we especially like Slide 22. Go Jason!)

The Measure of a Marketer’s Worth

12,727 views, 4 weeks

Rand Fishkin is one of the most prolific and popular SlideShare contributors (you’ll find him on Slide 43 of Mathew Sweezey’s list) – but this presentation is a bit of a departure for him. It’s a very personal story about how he came to realise an important shortcoming in most marketing: we measure what we do but we don’t spend enough time thinking about which targets we should be setting in the first place. It’s thought-provoking stuff, and shows just what an effective storytelling platform SlideShare can be.

It’s not just the ideas in these five SlideShares that are impressive – each of them showcases a very different way of telling stories and landing messages that should provide inspiration to any content marketer. As a group they show not just the depth of thinking out there, but also the extent to which marketers are walking the walk when it comes to storytelling and innovative use of digital platforms. 

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