Trending Content of the Week: A Sophisticated Marketer's Education

February 19, 2016

Imagine a richly-appointed study, its walls lined with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Every shelf is packed with luxurious leather-bound volumes, titles embossed in gold reflecting the light. It’s no wonder that a fully outfitted library was once considered a sign of wealth and sophistication.

Now, of course, you can carry thousands of books in your pocket if you’d like. The ability to pursue a truly sophisticated education is available to anyone with an internet connection. At LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we want to help every marketer reach the next level of sophistication…and the one beyond that, and the one beyond that. So we’re busily lining our virtual bookshelves with the resources you need to keep learning.

This week’s roundup of top marketing articles can help you continue your sophisticated education. You will learn a new way of looking at content marketing ROI from Michael Brenner, social media tips from Rebekah Radice, and much more.

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Here are the marketing discussions that made us sit up and take notice this week.

1. How to Measure Your Content Marketing Strategy

“Content marketing is not advertising dressed up. It’s a continuous, empathetic, customer-focused activity that—when done well—will generate a higher ROI than what’s achieved with selfish, promotional advertising.”

In this in-depth interview, Marketing Insider Group CEO Michael Brenner explains his approach to content marketing measurement. For Michael, measuring the ROI of each piece of content is less informative than thinking holistically about the ROI of your entire content marketing program. Check out the full interview for Michael’s thoughts on SEO, social media analytics, and more.

2. 6 Social Media Trends that will Transform Your Business

This isn’t the usual shallow marketing trends listicle. Rebekah Radice, CMO at Post Planner, illustrates the trends she identifies with real-world examples, then adds tactical advice for each one.

3. Breaking down the Anatomy of a Successful LinkedIn Profile

On the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog, we have spilled a lot of digital ink helping marketers make their LinkedIn profiles more effective. This infographic from Akken Cloud and Gerghich&Co distills the best practices into one easily-referenced place.

4. Cracking the Black Box of Digital Measurement: Mobile Apps

Most marketers acknowledge that mobile is the future for marketing. One side effect of the mobile revolution that doesn’t get enough consideration is how we can capture and analyze data from apps. In this article for Marketing Land, Ensighten’s VP of Corporate Marketing L. Eric Bratt identifies the challenges in measuring mobile app activity and proposes solutions.

5. The Story of Content - Biggest Content Marketing Challenges

Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi presents this excerpt from the Story of Content documentary, in which marketers talk frankly about the challenges they face creating a successful content marketing program.

6. The Marriage between Conversion Optimization and SEO

Good SEO can increase traffic to your site, but it is conversions that drive the success of a business.  In this post for Search Engine Land, Acronym’s VP of SEO Winston Burton identifies a number of easy conversion optimization wins for SEO experts.

7. Why the Fire Drill Content Model Doesn’t Work

“A lack of time or bandwidth is the number one content marketing challenge for businesses.”

We’ve all experienced the crushing stress and subsequent adrenaline rush of pulling together a big project at the last minute. Too often, though, the occasional “fire drill” moment becomes standard operating procedure for agencies. In this post for Convince & Convert, BlogMutt Founder & CEO Scott Yates outlines the danger of the fire drill mentality, and how agencies can avoid adopting it.

8. 7 Social Media Myths that Cripple Marketing Campaigns

AudienceBloom Founder & CEO Jayson Demers debunks conventional wisdom about social media in this piece for Inc. If you think of social media as an independent strategy or a “must-do” chore with little potential ROI, this post will have you thinking twice.

9. Your Brand Needs a Point of View, but Do You?

Marketers are no strangers to the idea of promoting a professional brand. But Content Marketing Institute’s Michele Linn argues that a personal brand is also vital for career development and true job satisfaction. Michele explores the ways marketers can develop their own personal point of view, and how they can use it to guide career decisions.

10. 13 Brand Tips I Learned from Guerilla Music Marketing

If there’s one industry that has seen as much upheaval from new technology as marketing has, it’s music. LANDR Audio Editor Scott Parsons is a veteran of both industries, and draws enlightening comparisons between the two in this SlideShare presentation.

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