Trending Content of the Week: Breaking through the Fog

January 8, 2016

Golden Gate Bridge

The week after New Year’s Day is always a little longer than the rest of the year, isn’t it? After two short work weeks, those five days seem to drag endlessly. After the bright celebration of the holidays, going back to the office can fill your head with fog.

At LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we know fog—we’re based in San Francisco, after all—and we know that eventually, the sun breaks through. So take heart! It’s Friday! 2016 is stretched in front of you, full of promise, and you made it through the longest week of the year.

Take a few minutes to clear the fog with this week’s trending marketing articles, take a well-deserved weekend break, and we’ll see you on Monday.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week:

1. Page Views Don’t Matter Anymore—But They Just Won’t Die The use of page views as a marketing metric leads to clickbait, endless slide shows, and worse, according to Wired’s Julia Greenberg. Julia makes the case against page views, and suggests more informative and constructive metrics to use instead.

2. Five Things Great Brands Will Do Differently on Social Media in 2016 In this article from The Guardian, Carat’s Jerry Daykin identifies opportunities for bold social media marketers to stand out from the pack this year.

3. Test Your Knowledge of SEO How do your SEO skills measure up to the experts at Search Engine Land? Take Stone Temple Consulting Corporation CEO Eric Enge’s quiz to find out.

4. 3 Ways to Upgrade Your Email Marketing Strategy Learn how to make your email more effective through automation, personalization, and structure with this brief video from Vero CEO Chris Hexton.

5. 5 Marketing Processes You Should Seriously Consider Automating Explore the possibilities of marketing technology with this exhaustive, tool-rich article on the Kissmetrics blog. DrumUp & Godot Media Co-Founder Sophia Solanki delivers enough evidence to convince even the most tech-phobic marketer.

6. Why the Rebirth of Email is Coming in 2016 Email is the basic black dress of marketing—it’s not as flashy as the next big thing, but it never goes out of style. In this article for Convince & Convert, Litmus Research Director Chad White identifies the marketing trends that suggest email is still a powerful lead nurturing tool.

7. 7 Ways to Optimize Your Content for Humans & Search Engines As TopRank Marketing’s Caitlin Burgess points out, “SEO is an absolute must for content marketing, but gone are the days when the first two words dictate how you execute the third.” In this article, Caitlin explores how a balanced approach to SEO keeps content human-friendly while boosting your rankings.

8. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Trends That Worked: A 2015 Look Back To excel in the future, we find it wise to reflect on the past. Uplevel your LinkedIn Sponsored Updates strategy in 2016 with these tips and trends shared by LinkedIn's own Content Marketing Consultant Jamie Pham.

9. 5 Digital-Marketing Tactics to Ditch in 2016 It’s a New Year, time to get rid of the negative habits that are holding you back—in life and in marketing. Main Path, Inc. CEO Matt Walker details how to create positive habits in everything from website design to social media in this article for Entrepreneur.

10. 7 Brilliant Social Media Campaigns to Learn from in 2016 The bright marketing minds at Salesforce present this roundup of top-notch social media campaigns, with key takeaways from each you can use to start the year off right.

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