Trending Content of the Week: Develop Your Marketing Muscle Memory

March 11, 2016

Watch a great juggler at work, and you’ll be amazed at the multiple talents on display. Each throw is incredibly precise; each ball follows the same arc every time. It looks effortless, but it comes down to muscle memory learned from hours of practice. With enough training, a good juggler could perform standing on one foot, or even blindfolded.

So, how is your marketing muscle memory? Are you keeping everything up in the air, or do you drop a ball from time to time?

This week’s roundup of top marketing content will help you develop the skills you need to make your marketing look effortless. It includes tips from Rand Fishkin on future-proofing your content rankings, an instructive case study of Adidas’ content marketing paradigm shift, and more.

Read On to Develop Your Marketing Muscle Memory:

1. Future-Proof Your Content Rankings with these SEO Tips

“As search engines rely more heavily on predictive modeling, their highest rankings will likely be reserved for content that provides lasting value.”

The Content Marketing Institute just released a massive eBook with forward-looking tips from SEO master Rand Fishkin. This post by Content Consultant Jodi Harris rounds up a generous collection of highlights from the eBook.

2. New Research Reveals Paid Social Media Effectiveness

The Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs Benchmarks reports are a treasure trove of meaningful statistics. In this article for Social Media Examiner, Copywriter Suzanne Delzio analyzes the reports’ findings on the effectiveness of social media posts and ads for B2B and B2C marketers.

3. How Adidas Is Using Newsrooms to Create Five Great Pieces of Content a Week

“It’s not just numbers, it’s numbers in relation to content…Let’s tell a story but understand why we’re telling that story and measure it accordingly.”

Content marketing experts have been advising brands to think like publishers for years now. Adidas took their advice and changed the way it approaches advertising. This post from The Drum Editor Seb Joseph shows how they did it and what they learned.

4. LinkedIn’s New Advertising Feature Will Help Marketers Reach More Targeted Audiences

This week, LinkedIn announced LinkedIn Account Targeting, a tool to help marketers practice account based marketing. Crowdcentric’s Erica Perry explains how it works and what it means for marketers in this Social Media Week article.

5. SMX West 2016 – Search, Content and Digital Marketing Maturity Frameworks

In this SlideShare presentation, BrightEdge VP of Marketing and Products Brad Mattick presents a blueprint brands can follow to master content marketing, from “emerging” all the way to “innovating.”

6. The Ultimate Guide to Infographic Marketing

This massive post from Mammoth Infographics’ Jack Knopfler does what it says on the tin: From choosing topics to amplification, it covers infographic creation and strategy in comprehensive detail.

7. The Engagement Crisis in Content Marketing and Social Media: Why It’s Happening and How to Fix It

“The trend is not ‘Facebook’ or ‘Snapchat’ or ‘blogging’ — it’s relationship-building and community-building.”

Even when major players like Buzzfeed and Buffer are seeing drops in engagement, how can marketers hope to earn attention? Bitly Senior Content Strategist Blaise Lucey explains how community-building, not like-seeking, is the way forward for brands on social media.

8. How to Get More from SlideShare: Super-Simple Tips for Content Marketing

This SlideShare presentation from the Content Marketing Institute isn’t brand new, but its comprehensive coverage makes it evergreen. Even a veteran SlideShare user is likely to find a few new tricks.

9. 5 Ways to Make Your Blog Post Interactive on the Cheap

The noble blog post isn’t going away any time soon. But posts that encourage interaction are more likely to engage readers and encourage social sharing. Penguin Strategies’ Valerie Levin presents a handy guide to spicing up your blog in this article for HubSpot.

10. The Atomic Guide to Content Marketing Strategy

Content strategy is a complicated mix of creativity and technology. And it’s only going to get more complex, as content platforms continue to evolve. In this SlideShare, Content Strategist Frank Delmelle proposes a new way of looking at strategy. Frank’s “atomic” model aims to cut the clutter and create a perpetually renewing content machine.

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