Trending Content of the Week: How to Amplify Your Brand's Voice

March 4, 2016

What do a rock concert, a marketing convention, and the Internet have in common?

They all have a crowd of people talking among themselves, each voice adding to a background roar that makes it hard to hear anything at all. But people listen when someone steps up to the mic. They snap to attention because they know they’re about to hear what they came to hear.

The best way to be heard in digital marketing is to be what people are intently listening for above the roar of the crowd. This week’s roundup of marketing content will help you refine your message to match your audience’s expectations, and amplify your voice so it gets heard. It includes a how-to on creating how-to guides, expert advice on navigating Google’s algorithm changes, and more.

Make your voice heard with help from this week’s trending marketing content.

1. How to Create How-To Content that Doesn’t Suck

“As a content marketer, I believe there’s value in addressing the needs of my readers beyond the search query at hand…there’s an opportunity to build trust with the user by going beyond bare-bones advice.”

How-to posts are a solid addition to any editorial calendar. When done right, they are genuinely helpful and establish your brand’s expertise. When done poorly, however, they can insult readers’ intelligence, confuse, or dismay. This how-to from CLEARLINK’s David DeMille explains how to write a how-to, and how such posts can serve your content marketing strategy.

2. Why You Must Increase Your Negative Reviews

Of course, the easiest way to increase negative reviews would be to make an inferior product and neglect your customers. Fortunately, that’s not what Jay Baer means. As he explains in this podcast with Duct Tape Marketing’s John Jantsch, marketers should make an effort to hear negative feedback rather than shutting it out. This “hug your haters” approach means you never miss an opportunity to improve.

3. Marketing Vanity Metrics

The Marketoonist himself, Tom Fishburne, discusses the importance of metrics that matter in this article.

4. 4 Account-Based Marketing Lessons from the Field

Marketo’s Charm Bianchini presents the key takeaways from last week’s FlipMyFunnel conference, distilling them into actionable insights.

5. Turns out LinkedIn is a great platform for video content

About 60 percent of the adults in the United States watch videos online. And The American Genius recently conducted a survey which showed that LinkedIn users watch more video than users of other platforms. Check out this post by Dawn Brotherton to see why video marketing isn't just for Millennials.

6. 7 Google Changes that will Make or Break your SEO

“Each year, Google changes its search algorithm over 600 times.”

SEO is a moving target, but it’s vital that marketers hit it. This post from Alphametic Founder and CEO Matthew Capala dives into the latest developments, explaining what they mean for marketers in a way you can understand without being an SEO guru.

7. Content Marketing and Advertising Meet in a Dark Alley: Who Wins, and Why?

The lines between advertising and content marketing were blurry to begin with, and are only getting blurrier as advertorials and branded content become more popular. Copyblogger’s Demian Farnworth proposes clear definitions of the two based on purpose rather than content, and tests your knowledge with a tricky quiz at the end.

8. Here’s Why You’re Failing by Ignoring LinkedIn as a Content Platform

Social Times Editor Justin Lafferty presents the results of a Wibbitz study, which shows that people who identify as “news seekers” view LinkedIn as their social network of choice. Check out the full article for takeaways on who is consuming what news on which platform.

9. Is Anybody out There? Finding Your Audience in a Digital Age

“Consumers don’t generally respond in a substantive way to a brand message that doesn’t have a personal element; they respond when a brand message resonates with them, and in order to resonate with someone, you need to really understand who they are.”

Social media seems like a paradox at times: It connects millions of people like never before, yet it can be incredibly difficult for any one voice to be heard. For Ignite Digital Strategy Group Inc.’s Jeff Rum, empathy and relevance are the best ways for a brand to rise above the noise. Jeff makes the case for more robust marketing personas, and lays out the steps necessary to create them, in this article.

10. SEO for Content: Better Together

Despite the changing content marketing landscape, many marketers still view SEO and Content as two separate disciplines. International SEO Consultant Aleyda Solis Duarte demonstrates how they should work together as one in this SlideShare presentation.

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