Trending Content of the Week: Tactics for the 10X Marketer

What's notable & quotable for marketers this week

February 5, 2016

Marketers, are we aiming high enough? Are we shooting for the moon, or are we too caught up in the day-to-day to look higher than our monitors?

Every marketer I know would love to have ten times the results they have right now. Incremental improvement is good. It’s an essential part of growing a business. But no one would say “no” to a leap forward. So how can we set our sights on radical improvement? What tactics can take us to 10X?

This week’s roundup of trending content includes in-depth tactical posts for those who aim higher. It starts with an inspiring call to action from Seth Godin, followed by posts that will set your sights higher for SEO, demand generation, LinkedIn marketing, and marketing at scale.

Here are the marketing discussions that made us sit up and take notice this week.

1. The Mythical 10x Marketer

“If you are merely doing your job and also working hard to soothe all constituencies, it's almost certain that your efforts (no matter how well-intentioned or skilled) will not create ten times as much value as a typical marketer would.”

Seth Godin (author, public speaker, Zen master) excels at saying a lot with just a few words. Some of his blog posts are barely longer than a tweet, but they’re unfailingly insightful. In this post, Seth brings his trademark brevity and wit to identify what makes some marketers rise far above the rest. He discusses the characteristics of a 10X marketer, but also points out they rarely rise up without a nurturing environment: “10x marketers are made, not born, and half the battle is creating a platform where one can work,” he says.

2. My Single Best SEO Tip for Improved Web Traffic

Fazillion Founder Cyrus Shepard is leaving Moz, but he brought one heck of a parting gift. This is a deep-dive post on SEO strategy, focused on boosting web traffic for content you might have written off as a loss. He starts with a definition of search results that seems obvious in retrospect, but is radically different to how marketers tend to think about search:

“Search results are not a collection of ‘good’ content; they are a ranked list of content that best satisfies what the user is looking for.”

Shepard’s seven-step process aims to turn underperforming content into useful assets, optimized for user intent. Each step includes detailed instructions for using the process on your own website.

3. 7 Ways to Make Boring Content a Lead-Generating Weapon

“Your site’s typically static pages are the most overlooked lead-generating secret weapon in your marketing arsenal.”

In this post for Content Marketing Institute, consultant Dan Stelter addresses the less sexy side of website content. Blog posts, eBooks, infographics tend to get all the attention as lead generation tools, which means your static pages likely have plenty of untapped potential.

Dan’s post covers a host of optimization tactics, all centered on making your static pages more appealing to users and more likely to inspire a conversion.

4. How to Create More Exposure Using LinkedIn

Social Media Examiner regularly takes it to the next level with their how-to posts. This guide from ThinkWarwick CEO Jacob Warwick is no exception. Jacob details all of the options available for a company to promote itself on LinkedIn, from optimizing Company Pages and adding Showcase Pages to maximizing the impact of Sponsored Updates. Whether or not you have an established LinkedIn presence already, this post can help you take advantage of all the platform has to offer.

5. Scale Your Marketing Strategy As You Grow

All of the tactics we’ve covered so far are aimed at a single goal: growth. But growth comes with its own set of challenges. Marketo’s VP of Demand Generation Heidi Bullock and Head of B2B Demand Generation at Dropbox Mike Kim set the course for marketing at scale in this SlideShare.