Trending Content of the Week: Turning “Maybe” into “Yes”

February 12, 2016

“I like you. Do you like me? Circle one: YES NO”

Most of us either sent or received a note like the one above when we were in grade school. Some were sloppily scribbled on torn notebook paper. Some were elaborately folded into origami hearts. Regardless of the medium, the message was always admirably straightforward.

The majority of our marketing efforts boil down to a similar attempt to create a connection. And a lot of the time, rather than circle “YES” or “NO,” our audience pencils in “MAYBE.” Their affections won’t be won by the fanciest of origami hearts—it takes providing value over time to build trust.

This week’s roundup of top marketing content can help you create messages that make a connection. From strategy to SEO to lead generation, these articles can help you turn “MAYBE” into an enthusiastic “YES."

Here are the marketing discussions that made us sit up and take notice this week.

1. Why Lazy People Make the Best Content Marketers

“Once we’ve determined what we need, we can set ourselves up with a content marketing system that minimizes friction and helps us fight any resistance we may feel toward creating content.”

Ask a hundred marketers to list their best attributes, and you likely won’t hear one say, “I’m lazy.” In business, hustle is a virtue, and laziness is a scourge to be eliminated. But if you think about it, argues Rainmaker’s Pamela Wilson, what we call “lazy” is really a desire to get maximum results with minimum effort. When you put it that way, the right kind of laziness can be an asset. In this post for Copyblogger, Pamela details four life lessons marketers can learn from our hustle-deficient peers.

2. 10 Simple Edits That’ll Instantly Improve Any Piece of Writing

Speaking of maximum results with minimum effort, these tips from Workplace Systems’ Eddie Shleyner are perfect for a quick final polish on your content. Eddie’s advice ranges from grammatical to psychological, and each one is easy to implement.

3. How to Do Influencer Marketing in the Digital Age

Influencer marketing is the next big thing (some would say the current big thing) in digital marketing. This infographic from eBrandz gives a solid 101 introduction to identifying and making contact with influencers who matter to your audience.

4. LinkedIn Mobile: What Marketers Need to Know

LinkedIn Expert Viveka von Rosen explains how marketers can use the new features in the updated LinkedIn Mobile App in this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast. The link includes an illustrated transcript of Viveka’s interview as well.

5. Can SEOs Stop Worrying about Keywords and Just Focus on Topics?

In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Moz’s Rand Fishkin explores the latest algorithmic shifts in Google rankings, and whether they make the humble keyword obsolete. Rand’s conclusion: keywords are still an ongoing concern, but a hybrid approach that includes topics can be more effective.

6. Is Content Marketing a Viable Lead Generation Tactic?

“We talk a lot about how content has to have value to be effective, but hardly ever talk about why. The reason content must be valuable is because we are asking for something valuable in return.”

Spoiler alert: TopRank Marketing’s Josh Nite does believe content marketing is a viable lead generation tactic. Otherwise, it would be an extremely short post. Josh explores the lead generating capabilities of four types of content, and offers tips for setting up the value exchange that compels a reader to convert.

7. The Social Marketing Dating Game: They’re Not That into You

In this post for SocialTimes, Sprout Social’s Social Media Manager Darryl Villacorta explores the “affection gap” between brands and their audiences. Darryl offers a three-prong strategy for closing the gap by earning affinity with highly relevant content.

8. 6 Content Marketing Tips for Non-Sexy Industries

“It’s not uncommon to hear someone say, ‘Yeah, my industry is pretty bland, so marketing doesn’t really work for me.’ That’s not true - if marketing didn’t work in boring industries, ‘boring’ industries wouldn’t exist.”

It’s easy to create fascinating marketing when you’re selling shoes worn by pro athletes or vacation getaways to the Caribbean. But what if your product or service is highly technical, intensely nerdy, or in a generally staid industry? AudienceBloom’s Samuel Edwards brings hope to marketers suffering a case of uncool ennui with these tips.

9. How to Apply Lean Marketing to Your Content Based Business

KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg’s Neil Patel delivers a characteristic deep dive into applying the lean business model to marketing. Check out the full article to see how to create “content MVPs (that’s Minimum Viable Product, not Most Valuable Player)” that get results.

10. Content Strategy Inspiration from Robert Rose

“From now on, when people ask me how much content they should be producing, I’ve decided on a new answer: ‘As little as you can while still creating the impact you want to create.’”

The Content Marketing Institute presents this SlideShare packed with insights from their Chief Strategy Officer, Robert Rose. These quotes go beyond inspirational sound bites; there’s genuine food for thought here.

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