What's Trending: Bigger, Bolder, Braver Content

March 25, 2016

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Are there no more easy wins for content marketers?

Before content marketing hit a saturation point, it was easier for brands to get their message heard. Now there’s a glut of content out there—much of it high-quality and well-amplified—and earning an audience requires more work, skill, and creativity than ever before.

In our new eBook, The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing, best-selling author Ann Handley issues a call-to-arms for content marketers looking to rise above the noise: Create “bigger, bolder, braver” content. That means more in-depth content, stronger brand personality, and willingness to take intelligent risks. The marketers whose content (and strategy) is bigger, bolder, and braver than their competitors will see far better results from their efforts.

This week’s roundup of top marketing content includes resources to help you create and amplify your bigger, bolder, braver content.

This Week’s Thought-Provoking Marketing Posts:

1. Content Marketers Need to Act Like Publishers

“For all the talk about ‘brands becoming publishers,’ most marketers are simply tacking on publishing functions to their existing operations without implementing any new processes or practices. That is a grave mistake.”

Most marketers know that if we’re publishing content, we should take some cues from the publishing industry. Modni.us Co-Founder Greg Satell argues that it’s not enough to think like publishers; we need to adopt fundamental tenets of a publisher’s business philosophy. In this article for the Harvard Business Review, Greg identifies four aspects of a publishing mindset that content marketers need to internalize.

2. How to Create Content that Earns Engagement, Trust and Loyalty for Your Brand

Speaking of content glut, there are dozens of posts out there about creating engaging content. This Moz blog post from RS Consulting Content Strategist Ronell Smith is bigger, bolder, and braver than most of them. It’s a surprisingly deep dive into a subject that usually gets a shallow treatment.

3. Content Is Bigger than Marketing

“Content is the currency companies use to communicate with the world; the marketing department is just the tip of the iceberg. Content itself is where the real growth lies.”

Content can do more than just market—it can recruit top talent, assist the sales staff, and educate employees. In this post for the Content Marketing Institute, Sam Slaughter (VP of Content at Contently) explains how his content marketing team took on an expanded role in their organization.

4. Blurred Lines: When Content Marketing, PR, and Content Overlap

In this post for MarketingProfs, Iris PR Software’s Aly Saxe explains how marketing, PR, and content can work together for maximum impact across paid, earned, shared, and owned media.

5. Webinar: Using the Voice of the Customer to Empower Your Marketing

In this 45-minute webinar, senior marketers from Hewlett Packard, VMWare, and ServiceNow discuss how B2B marketers can reach serious buyers at the most crucial stage of their decision-making process.

6. The 7 Components of Every Social Media Budget

Hootsuite’s Sam Milbrath digs into the nuts and bolts of most marketers’ least favorite job function: setting and implementing a budget.

7. SEO Page Titles: 15-Point Checklist for B2B and B2C Brands

Content Marketing Institute contributor Mike Murray admits that no one seems to know the degree to which SEO Page Titles influence search rankings, but the general consensus is they’re one of the most important attributes. Use Mike’s 15-point checklist to avoid confusion in your quest for higher rankings. 

8. Big Data Is Here, Get Used to It

While technologically-minded marketers embrace big data, there are plenty of us who are intimidated by its…well, bigness. In this no-nonsense Social Media Today post, Legalmorning.com Owner Mike Wood explains what big data really means, and how marketers can start using it to guide strategy.

9. 5 Times the Next Big Thing Failed to Kill the Last Big Thing

“Rather than defend any individual digital marketing channel, I want to highlight this important fact: So far, nothing has replaced anything in digital marketing.”

Scott McCorkle is the CEO of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. As someone who sells up-to-the-minute software solutions, you might expect him to be disdainful of obsolete marketing channels. But according to Scott, no digital channel has gone obsolete—they just become another layer of messaging that savvy marketers can still use to great effect.

10. Search Content vs. Social Content

In this SlideShare, the SEO wizards at SEMrush explain the relative strengths and weaknesses of content optimized for organic traffic, versus content designed for social sharing. The SlideShare makes the case for treating these two types of content differently, crafting each to accomplish the specific goals at which each excels.

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